Trading Bonus

  • Just wondering what people think and have FI shot themselves in the foot with this one. Because the spreads are so high people are not selling yet will still buy shares through: a. Money they have in their own reserve pot or b. From any divs they may get from MB which is ploughed back in. As no-one is selling, the buy value - sell value is always going to be in our favour x 0.0825. If you have 1000 to invest and multiply by the 0,0825 you have made a quick buck as long as you don't buy a donkey - or am I reading it wrong?

  • @Gary-T this exactly how a trading bonus work... You will only ever receive it if you buy more than you sell...

    Its increased money into the platform. Nearly all the buys equate to someone selling so theyl take commission too, rather than just having the long queues sat there.

  • All the dividends I’m winning I plough back into the index

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