🚨 GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 questions please!

  • Tomorrow I’ll be joined by @TacticalFINick for this week’s podcast! ❇️

    • Specialises in football tactics threads, relevant to #FootballIndex

    We’ll be recording post announcement tomorrow, please leave your questions and topics below! 👇

  • @The-FIG
    Hi chaps. Ref the announcement, my initial thoughts are it was underwhelming, even double dividends seemed more appealing. With such a flat market I dont think it's going to be enough to get traders active.
    I personally would have welcomed something more creative such as a media points system across the month, similar to the super match day points. I didnt like the super match day points but this feels a more relevant use of the promotion. This would bring lots more players into the mix & encourage trading across a far wider range of players. What are both your thoughts on the points system & do you think we could expect another announcement if this announcement doesn't encourage more trading?

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