• Strikers are looking cheap now with PB coming if a striker scores 2 or 3 hes likely to win PB
    All below £2 Falcao scored 3 at the weekend would of won PB if it was live. £0.06 performance buzz would be a ROI of 7%

  • Funnily enough I've just been looking at the same approach this last couple of days, purchasing 35 Cavani and 35 Lewandowski who Can easily bag 2/3 goals in a game. (The most I have of any players as i don't have a particularly large portfolio)
    I like the looks of Belotti because again potential for goals and even in terms of a long hold if desirable because transfer interest is bound to occur again.
    Also worth noting although not classesd as a striker Dries Mertens got the most Hat-Tricks and was second top goalscorer last season along with 9 Assists is surely good value at currently 81p?

  • Investing in players for the purpose of PB i believe leave to a false and volatile market.Exactly what FI want.

  • What would you suggest alternatively? You are buying the opportunity to win dividends which comes from Media Buzz and before long PB, I don't believe the media to be any easier to predict than PB so why not base a portfolio on it.
    I can understand peoples reactions to the recent announcements and have also changed my approach accordingly but I'm still of the firm opinion its a major over reaction and we can see the market settling and fingers crossed begin improving soon.
    Granted it could backfire and the next announcement cause further backlash but I don't see how that gamble is any different from the general stock market.

  • People catching on strikers going up. More chance of winning the star player PB aswell I think.

    Mertens agreed is a good buy lots of goals just scored in champions league.

    Defenders seems like theres less chance winning PB when football index switch to including squad players in PB if any defender scores they are likely to win it (40 points for a goal)

  • Well Mertens has been reclassified as a striker now, so i made the decision to sell him on a few days ago. Doesn't seem as good value to me now when competing against Insigne in the same team.
    I still think he has potential for a couple of PB's during the season but I'm happy with a 50p profit per future, the most I've made off anyone since joining

  • @Chewbacker said in Strikers:

    Investing in players for the purpose of PB i believe leave to a false and volatile market.Exactly what FI want.


    TLDR? Diversify.

    The trade frequency must have rocketed since PB came in, but investing in foreign players will only result in the 'hope' of PB and no MB (with the exception of people like Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi who are household names and sell clicks).

    Investing in quality domestic-based players like Kane, Sanchez, Alli or even Ibra, now he's back, will give a much higher chance of MB as well as PB.

    If you're spending all your money on foreign PB players, you'll have had some pretty gnarly gaps in your dividends over the past few days and are missing out on another 5p payout each day there's PB payments.

  • @CleanShirtTrader Nicely put.

  • Looking at the Striker front for investment>Surely Benzema is a good shout especially as Ronaldo is suspended at present.Trading at 118.

  • @Chewbacker Asensio's been playing in his place, I believe. Listed as a mid? Hence the boost in his price.

    However, Bale and CR both imminent returns.

  • @CleanShirtTrader Asensio is cover for Isco.Benzema no1 choice front man.
    MadridV Fiorentina friendly ( Benzema on bench whole game to keep his powder dry for ths wek end,Ronaldo played as he is suspended 5 games ,Asensio subbed for Isco 62min)
    (A) Deportivo la caruna (Benzema played whole game,Asensio on for Isco 66min)
    Super cup against Barca ( Benzema scored and played whole game,Hernandez subbed for Asensio 75th )
    Cos Asensio is a talented young player you may find his game time will be limited this season to develope him.

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