I Can't believe how well it's gone.

  • Hi Guys I just woke up this morning to see that my portfolio is currently valued at 6k from a investment of 4k, I'm absolutely blown away by how well it has gone.

    On the day of the London meeting I had a 3k investment and was trading up £250. I then deposited another 1k to make it 4k and got a £200 bonus which i have traded through the account so i can withdraw if i wish (if you do not trade the £200 at least 20 times you cannot withdraw it, it's in the terms and conditions)so in less than two months my portfolio has risen £1750. I have to be honest I thought if I could make 1k by the end of the summer transfer window I would have been over the moon. I know it's only profit when you take it out , but to have my initial investment up by 50% already has well surpassed my expectations.

    Before February when I was on the index I kept making mistakes and the biggest mistakes I made were not having a proper strategy and also not being patient.

    Just wondering if anyone out there has started off badly and managed to turn it around. As you know if any of you have seen the tweets there are people making big bucks, but I can honestly say I made a ton of mistakes before I managed to turn it around. The great thing about the London meeting I found personally is that the guys I met were honest and said what clangers we have all made and how we have learnt from it.

    Forgetting the money, football index has become like a hobby to me I just love it. I have managed to talk some of my mates who like to have a bet or two into going onto the index and they are hooked already. Its a great format and once you can apply your football knowledge to how the market works it really can be very profitable.

    Happy trading everyone onwards and upwards👍

  • @Gary2907 its just the beginning in my opinion. I already wrote more than 1 year ago (where almost everyone predicted a crash) that if you have deposited more than 5000 GBP its very likely that you will get rich in my opinion. It seems i was right......

    You just need to keep in mind: FI has now approximately 140.000 users. This figure could go into the millions IMO.

  • Congratulations! Nice to hear how well it’s working out for people! Gives me optimism, just a shame I can’t even afford £40 let alone 4K haha. But I’ll slowly build it up :). Btw what that ‘trade it 20 times’ but, is that meaning you’ve got to buy and then sell 20 times? And do you have to do the whole bonus in one go?

    And yes the potential is staggering. Millions play fantasy football, millions more place bets every week. Plus you’ve got so many people trading the actual stock market this would appeal too. All 3 rolled into one! It’s not going to appeal to those who put on a £5 acca hoping for a £100,000 return and most of the time it’s a slow burner and you’ve got to be patient. But it’s really innovative and even with a small amount I’m really excited by this and where it could lead! 👍

  • The £200 traded 20 times basically means buying and selling 4k in value. Its so the football index can recoupe back some of the £200 back in commission . You don't get something for nothing, but if you invest correctly you can use that £200 To your advantage plus FI get there commission, Everyone's a winner.

    The reason why I got the £200 was because whoever put in a minimum of £500 into there account and had attended the London meeting got a 20% bonus on there deposit if they made It within 3 days of the meet. I put in 1k and so I got £200. Very efficient it was, I made the deposit email them like they said. They knew I was there, as they ticked me off on the list when i went in and the money was in my account in no time whatsoever.

  • You're right definitely. Me and my mates don't bet another way. It's the future of betting for sure.

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