New article: Traders react to today's announcement.


    We would like to test the 'comments' feature on the website at the bottom of the page, so appreciated if you send any responses on there.

    Thanks again to @MickTurbo and @Martyn-B for giving me their views on the announcement.

  • Can you make the comments section sit at the bottom of the page rather than the top? Seems counter intuitive to read and then scroll up to comment. - might actually just be how it shows on my phone? 🤷‍♂️ Good article as usual and follows most comments I have seen so far.

  • Thanks for the invite. Tested the comments section, although it was at the top of the page not the bottom.

  • Ah yes sorry, i always use desktop where it is attached to the footer...the mobile site is harder to work with as it doesnt have a footer- it blends the footer and header together for some reason!

    Cheers for feedback!

    Will see what i can do!

  • Solid, measured responses.
    The only thing, and it's not for this article but in general, is that the colour combination of the Footstock/FI stuff at the bottom is giving me a headache. The red on green looks a bit blurry and does my eyes in.
    Anyone else or is that just me?

  • @dean73 I've noticed it's a bit on different screens. I switch from building it on home pc to work laptop.

    Unfortunately it's the cringey part of the site as a way of needing to promote links and offers. Chose red as 'red sells', not after profit but would like to cover costs so affiliate links (only current chance of getting the cost covered through commission) need to stand out which I guess it has in this case lol.

    Interesting to hear though and will look into it.

    Initially the site was all white background, I find that too bright.

    Thinking of rebuilding the whole thing soon (whilst in the need of at home projects), so all feedback is useful. Cheers.

    Any tips let me know!

  • @Westy I have a card game that's being played in schools up north through Imagination Gaming. I'm redesigning the box artwork, and the games day firms boss says not to incorporate red and green, because it looks a mess for colour blind children.

  • @Ollie cheers for the tip. Started rebuilding today.

    Any colours that were suggested?

  • @Westy No he didn't. But two general tips would be to look at lots of other sites, and copy one for their colours.

    Secondly if doing your own, look at colour wheel combinations, used by artists and graphic designers.

    For example if a combination is red, yellow, blue, you use the same shade band of each. Obviously lighter is better, otherwise there is an issue with readability.

    Personally I like to read against a white background, and you can have colour text if wanted.

  • @Ollie cheers. So far the rebuild is now all white background, looks plain and simple, but more professional and easier to read. Got to 2am last night and started doubting the whole thing, so at least it sounds the rebuild is heading in the right direction, i'll keep going.

  • Banned

    @Westy if you want help with colours with regards to colour blindness and dyslexia, (and it's not as easy as it sounds because different colours effect people in different ways), feel free to drop me a pm. I am at school tomorrow but then not rota'd on for a few weeks

  • @Westy in my job, experience eventually told me stop before I got tired, as I used to end up making time consuming mistakes. So it was always better coming back to it fresh

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