Good PB Player for when normality returns

  • I have been on FI now for almost 2 months and I think I have got my port about where I want it for now. So whilst MB are the current money winners, and I have a couple, I am asking who are the good value PB players who are going to be currently undervalued?

    It is obvious who the MB darlings are but with footy being cancelled within a few weeks of me joining FI, it is difficult to assess the PB players.

    I have sussed out through the forum that Bruno is likely to be good PB and MB so no need to suggest him.

    Looking to add a couple of Spanish La Liga and French League 1 players, preferably in £2 - £3 bracket ready for the inevitable return of footy, whenever that may be.

    Thoughts and suggestions?

  • If you do a search, there is a guy with a user name of Genesis (or something very similar). He is an oracle of French football and has provided us with several great articles that could help you.

    As for my own opinions, I don't think you have a huge number of options within the categories you gave. If you can stretch to a £4 player, I'd definitely go for Depay (currently £4.02), will rise in due course and very likely to win dividends along the way.

    Marquinos of Paris SG is a fairly solid option at £1.28. Might not get you much short term capital appreciation but should win the odd PB dividend.

    Fekir at £1.71 could be a good punt albeit with a slight risk attached (his price has fallen a lot over the last year) but he is capable of good PB scores and could get transferred to a better team too.

    Not sure why you are focusing on the French and Spanish leagues but I'm sure you have good reasons. Personally I think there is more value to be had in the German league.

  • I won't bore you with my suggestions as I have already posted on other threads who I have purchased.

    If you want to do your own research, I would recommend signing up for a free account on There is a paid version which gives you more data but I think this is a good starting point.

    With the free account, you can then access the Basic Player Screener under the Free Reports tab which gives you the PB average and PB max of the players on FI. I found this pretty useful when I was starting out.

  • @Kipper72 as mentioned above look up @FIGenesis on twitter and go to his blog page.

    Not all his tips have panned out this season but if you read all his blogs you’ll get a good sense of who to do your own research on.

  • @Boris999 said in Good PB Player for when normality returns:

    Personally I think there is more value to be had in the German league.

    Thanks Boris, I agree with German league value. I already have my Bundesliga players purchased and my Serie A players.

    I am finding Spanish and French league players more difficult but thanks for your suggestions, I will follow up.

  • @Vaughany Thanks Vaughany, I most definitely will do my own research so appreciate the link. Much appreciated.

  • @Sav2000 Thanks Sav, Best get myself a twitter account.

  • Loftus cheek and teji savanier will be beasts when footy is back.

  • @Tom7471 Thanks Tom, I will check out teji savanier. I have my Premier Players but will keep an eye out on Loftus.

  • Teji is a good shout like others have suggested. Wylan Cyprien is usually on set pieces for Nice and is just below £2 atm.

    La Liga I’d go with Dani Parejo of Valencia. Not sure whether he has more to drop as he’s been on a steady decline. But he takes all set pieces for Valencia.

  • As mentioned I think Téji looks a cracking price, I think I will finally purchase him at some point.

    I quite like Arthur of Barcelona too, only 23, under £1.50 has won PB and has 3 scores of 200+.

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