Underpriced PB Players

  • So... who do people think are the best priced PB players? Looking to re invest at some point. Just unsure where I should be placing my money.

  • Marcel Sabitzer - playing for RB Leipzig, has some really impressive PB scores and a few decent links to Premier League teams over the past few months. Fill your boots

  • They're all still over priced I'd say

  • @MickTurbo Feeling a second dip coming on when spreads are reduced Mick?

  • @TotalPunt am I being stupid or will FI only remove spreads when they feel we're near(ish) to football restarting?- ie when prices will rise anyway

  • @TotalPunt not even considering market movement in my assessment at present mate. Just looking at their prices and everything that's going on in the world and I'd still be far happier paying top dollar for a big transfer player like Harry Kane that I would paying a much lower price for a player who will have value again at some unspecified date in the future. They may rise yes, but depends what you term as value I suppose.

    If I thought Mark Uth or whoever was suddenly gonna shoot up 30% in price then obviously I'd get in ahead of the curve, but theres virtually no possibility of that so cap app is out of the game, I'm looking at his divs potential, or that of any other PB only player and at present that's next to zero, so whilst these types may rise a penny or 2 as people try to buy the dip, I just dont see any value there whatsoever at present

  • @MickTurbo Ah ok, yeah I was thinking downstream closer to when footy may actually start again and spreads start to come in. Agree that transfer spec players are best targets right now. I have a particular player I want to go in on but cant decide if there will be a second dip or not - depends on how many people are waiting for a chance to withdraw.
    Get my bonus this month but struggle to see a reason to invest new money anywhere right now, and that waiting game probably best.

  • Wylan Cyprien seems really cheap now...

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