Alphonso Davies

  • Why the rise, anyone know? Cheers

  • position changes again, inc gnabry, kimmich, hakimi, coman, skov and a few others

  • I saw somebody (can't remember the ticker name) putting multiple thousands into Alphonso Davies very early this AM. What interests me here is that most experience traders know these position changes are often reset, however, lots of money pouring in on this one.

    Could be a combination of its inevitable Davies will be reclassed as a defender at some stage and also the large spreads preventing a significant drop. Not the worst place to put your cash for the 8% bonus.

  • These changes look a tad more legit, their clubs are still displayed correctly and so far just bundesliga have had changes, time will tell i guess. Mark uth has changed which is a strange one, plus he was never changed in the previous rounds of cock ups

  • Anyone think that these changes might stay?

    They seem to reflect where these individuals have actually been playing this season so I'm wondering if theres been some housekeeping done on their data by opta, using the break from football to maintain/update correct information

  • @DW Looks like it was @Sporting_Panda. This is the same guy that has over 20,000 shares in Sancho... he's been in FIG's pod a few times.


  • @Ddr I think even if they don't stay at this moment it's certainly likely for next season.

  • Total pump here but I only just noticed this article from last month, and seemed appropriate to highlight it now 😉:


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