Joe Wicks fu**ed my back

  • In a world with no football I thought this section of the forum might be booming.

    Given we are all on lockdown there must be some good isolation stories to share and ideas for how best to kill time and improve ourselves!

    I am working from home, as is my wife, and we have three boys under the age of the next 3 weeks (i.e. 3-4 months) is going to be super interesting and challenging. To home school two of them and deal with a toddler who cannot be reasoned with will surely be life affirming.

    So yeah, we start the day with Joe Wicks PE session at 9am (well kids have had enough already) and my lower back is going through some pain barriers, but the morning exercise is one thing I want to keep going when life returns to 'normal'.

    Anyway, take care of yourselves and if anyone reads this then please share your quarantine ideas and stories 👍🏻

  • I am watching my girlfriends favourite television show Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

    Its far from boring but there is some cringeworthy 'humour' and my main grief is all the unanswered questions in the show all based around one thing.

    How come every last vampire knows sone form of Kung Fu?

    Where they all practising martial artists who just happened to be bitten by a vampire?

    Does becoming a vampire automatically change them into a martial artist?

    Is there some kind of 24 hour dojo where they all go to train when the sun goes down?

    Id love to ask the creators, wriers or actors these questions.

    Anyway i have watched now 3 seasons and there seems to be many many many more to go judging by the size of the boxset.

    My girlfriend keeps saying how great it is that there is no sports on anymore and that we are spending more time together than ever before. I keep smiling and nodding but i am getting close to the end of the rope.

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