Small hold of Bruno or PB holds ?

  • I’ve been thinking about this all night.

    Total invested - £250
    Total value - £228
    Divs earnt - £7.80
    Money to be invested every month - £100

    I’m torn between buying 10 Bruno’s or a PB hold. Most of my PB/Cap app holds have just dropped significantly (Mykolenko, Akanji, Morata, Moutinho) meaning my portfolio is now a lot. Meanwhile the only tempting source of income right now seems to be MB, with Sancho out of reach and Bruno/Pogba looking enticing. Bruno with a dip right now seems particularly enticing. But is 10 Bruno’s worth ? Is 30 Bruno’s in 3 months worth it ? Double divs ends soon. However it would provide me with a trickle of divs and some hope of cap app.

    It’s just hard to decide as I have no idea for Cap app options (was thinking fullbacks so maybe Guerriro, Pavard, Vinagre, Gosens etc). They’re more long term and we don’t even know when football will return yet!

    • very stuck FI user

  • @KingJimoT people will disagree but it seems that Bruno needs football to win MB. If you're going high end I would suggest there are better options

  • @MickTurbo Agreed to a certain degree. Transfer has now happened so nothing there anymore. Will always get a few stories but if I was buying now I'd go Grealish, Kane or Pogba if looking higher end.

  • @KingJimoT
    Horses for courses mate. Personally, I wouldn't be interested in purchasing 30 Bruno shares over 3 months. In my opinion (and I can say this as it is a strategy that I have acted on myself ), you're better off going for a cheaper player and getting a higher volume of shares.

    From the ones you've named, for example, you can get approximately 150 Gosens and 150 Vinagre over the next 3 months instead of 30 Bruno. The key to this strategy is patience though. If you are going to buy the cheaper PB players, you have to accept that they won't return dividends until football is back and that you'll see very little capital appreciation too.

    Just my thoughts. As Micky T says above, if you're thinking of dividends now then go for a MB player but potentially look at other slightly cheaper options than just Bruno.

  • @KingJimoT Given that you said you will invest money every month and therefore building a portfolio then I would forget about the short term volatility of the MB world and target CA and PB opportunities which are there in abundance. I switched some of my portfolio in time so have some MB players to keep me interested but

    Bruno - see him as a long term hold and will grit my teeth during the inevitable slide without football
    Pogba - already delivered some divs, will be in play for at least the next 4 months but will exit before next season
    Neymar - Believe that at some point the move to Barcelona will gather real momentum, still considering my exit point

    Double dividends end in a week which makes targeting MB players now at this stage even more risky in my view.

  • @KingJimoT for £100 in my opinion you are better either purchasing for medium term cap app and PB, players around the £1-£1.50 bracket (for example that I hold Maxwell Cornett or Robert Skov) whilst the prices are lower.

    Or buy MB type players in the £2-£3 bracket who are likely to be transfer spec (for example that I hold Sabizter or Osimhen)

  • Pogba is looking the best value out there at this moment in time.

  • I think most of the advice will be exactly the same as in your "£100 into Bruno" thread yesterday. One good thread and dialogue is much better than lots of short threads that die a death.

    I look forward to tomorrow's thread.

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