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  • hi there just looking for a bit of advice. im gonna be slowly topping up and getting new buys. just wondered whether people could give me opinions over where is the best place to put my money out of the options i give here:

    These are my recent buys:

    these are ones that are rising/favourites of the index at the moment i am interested in:
    alphonso davis
    ousmene Dembele

    here are a few that are on my watchist that are at lowest profit therefore with room for growth:

    i would appreciate it if you could give me your top 5 out of these that you think would give the most rise over lets say a 6 month period. i am interested in learning more so i would love to hear your reasons. Stay safe and positive at this time!

  • There are soo many bargains out there right now it's scary. I saw my vlasic hold go from around £1.70 to £1.20 so you know he is massive value. Loftus cheek is value at 2.61 when I think he could be worth double that when he is back scoring goals for Chelsea.

    I'm sure more people can tell you on here but I think you could pick a lot of players on the index right now and in a year's time they will worth more.

  • @Tom7471 cheers tom. i like the look of vlasic for pb and also golovin who is not on my list. my aim is to get a stable of about 10 players that i can keep on topping up over the next few weeks. ive passed on sancho so have people like ziyech dembele ohsimen. but yeah i agree. There are too many good options

  • I got feeling Alphonso Davies could be worth a lot more yet if he remains as defender and they move into Germany. I also think Dembele could get a nice increase but it’s all on how he comes back from his injury but def a good price for his age and potential.

  • cheers. yeah in fact i just bough a tester share in dembele and i definitely rate him as an investment as should get a transfer. i really like alphonso . just a bit concerned that he may have got a lot of rise already after kimmitch was reclassified the other day.

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  • @Jonnyw89 also wondering how far that move into germany wil be put back. im not sure when it was planned for

  • Martinez looks good value as I see him getting a move to England

  • @Friedeggs cheers ive just updated my profile with my name . i hope it registers it on here

  • Yeah I hold gnabry and Davies think they both will be in demand when they eventually open up there. Martinez is good one my only concern is what’s his price if he ends up at Barca which could easily happen long term Suarez replacement

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  • @NewUser544952 if you’re talking about Lautaro, I disagree with him getting a move to England. I’m sure he’s destined for Barca as their long term centre forward.

    I agree with you that he’s good value though!

  • @BeanDrown hes been rising and i wont have money for about a week. i like him a lot and would get him today if i could. a bit worried he might rise too much before then but one of the biggies im sure

  • I think you’ll have time, just keep an eye on him! He’s one of my biggest holds and has been for a while, I reckon he’s destined for the top.

  • Some great options you have there OP, each with their pros (and cons) of course. I only have Osimhen on that list (got him at 61p!! But as Im a small fish, not many shares).

    Really like the price of Guedes. Young, PB league, Valencia a good team (at least by name if not form), plays for Portugal. Cons I can think of, hes classed as Mid as opposed to Fwd, and usually is brilliant in moments as opposed to being consistent. Also, does he have any transfer spec? Sub 1.10 is decent none the less.

    Anyone else out there have some great 70p - 1.30 gems with a decent amount of CA, talent and future transfer in them?

  • @Leclerc for me it’s still Maxwell cornet can win PB and has still young and with the sales Lyon are likely to make in the summer I’m hoping he’s a first team regular all next season having broken in before the COVID19 break.

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