NHS support petition

  • Sorry its off topic... But my wife and mother in law and other family are NHS.

    For years I have moaned about the fact they have to pay parking fees, forced legal protection fees and forced professional news fees... All from very modest pay packs for what they do.

    What other professions force us to pay for things like these!?

    As a teacher I used to have to pay a similar professional fee but it got abolished years ago! and most are still fear mongered into paying a union for legal protection (but its a choice)

    This might be a way to give them a bit of help whilst they drag the country through this. Please sign (only takes a minute) and share.

    Boris Johnson: Incentivise health and social care/ front line staff during outbreak by making wages untaxable or offer some form of bonus. - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/M8yppxlDY0 via @UKChange

    Not sure who set it up, I'd have gone down a different route, e.g. Abolish parking fees, abolish professional fee, make legal optional (get competitive rates) and raise pay scales as soon as possible.

  • Good work westy.

  • Don’t wanna get all political but bojo and his cronies don’t give a shite about the NHS

  • @Westy was just saying this to a friend yesterday about not taxing any nhs staff that would truly show how appreciated they are. can’t see it happening but have signed the petition👍

  • Great effort these people are doing a great job at such a hard time for the country

  • @nicky540 sad but true. They are pretending to care at the moment.

  • Charging staff to park is ridiculous, but paying your own professional fees is not uncommon in other fields.

    Let’s not get carried away with this left wing NHS love in though. Some NHS staff can rightly be called heroes, some are OK and other are quite frankly useless. Much like any other large institution or company really.

    I’ve been on the receiving end of some truly incompetent care from the NHS in the past and I personally know people who have NHS operations where surgeons have had medical implements etc left inside them, when they were sowed back up.

    Really your average NHS worker is no braver than your average Police Officer, Firefighter, Prison Warden etc. It’s just that now is their time in the spotlight and when their work is needed the most.

  • My daughter works in a GP surgery. Her boss posted a security video of two guys walking down the street early hours, licking their hands and touching car door handles. Hope the bastards get caught and slaughtered

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