Raheem Sterling

  • Current price £5.66... thoughts?

  • Probably about the right price, prefer Rashford thou at respective cost

  • Overpriced IMO, somehow he's never won star man in that free scoring city team and most of his MB wins have been from scandals like racism/gun tattoo/Gomez fight, the media don't really care about city players on pitch performances.

  • @gfunk in my opinion way under priced I hold around 250 and will be topping up shortly.He is a great player who usually starts the season well so providing the season starts again think he will go well.Media wise with City being banned from europe he will be mentioned with all the top clubs imagine if he was linked with United he would go off the scale !!

  • @gfunk I'd say decent value. I probably wouldn't expect much of an increase while there's no football but I hold in expectation of a rise over the second half of the year. He normally starts the season well and thoughts will be drifting back towards the Euros in 2021 by then, where I'd expect him to be one of England's most hyped players. Still only 25 as well and transfer rumours could well ramp up if City don't get their CL ban lifted.

  • A lot of very different opinions. I personally find him very hard to gauge. I bought in for a 4th time at £6.80. I based that on ability and FI potential, i think he is on the verge of being one of if not best England player of this generation. FI wise he’s not a fantastic hold but look at Sancho, Sterling is coming in to his prime and Pep has helped him achieve his potential and theres still more to come. I dont think he will stay at City for long and i didnt buy him based on him being at City i bought him for England media, transfer spec and the fact he could become one of the best english players in the world.

  • Re: Raheem Sterling

    Definite mixed opinions. I do hold a fair few relative to my portfolio. My thinking is that the media coverage of him was pretty high as he became outspoken on racism issues, the media quickly changed their tune on him and he was even in the run in for SPOTY for 2019. I think he’ll be covered in media a lot when England games are back on too. still only 25 yep.. I think him and his agent are both very ambitious so I reckon a big move abroad will be on the cards in next couple of seasons. Big drop in form of late but he looked pretty sharp against Madrid away when he was brought on. Obviously as a holder I want an increase but I do think his current price could be a bargain.

  • Plenty of detail above but only worth the price if a transfer becomes a realistic possibility for me.

  • Hasn’t had the best of seasons .. but is one good game from a good rise .. about a pound underpriced easily

  • @Doddy nice simple summary... and yeh I reckon so too.

  • I hold but not many, the main reason was the Euros with Rashford and Kane likely to be out. All eyes would of been on Sterling. I think his current price is about right.

  • Scrolling down through the top 15, Sterling and Rashford are the 2 that appear to be most underpriced.

    I think the lack of CL is very much reflected in Sterling’s price now - can’t quite see Madrid moving for him either, when was the last time a foreign club paid the ‘English premium’ for an elite English player?

  • He really needs to find some form, with Sane and Rashford getting back fit he could lose his place for club and country. Not saying it’s likely, but his form really has gone off a cliff this season

  • @ChazFI123 i agree in fact he seemed to find his form last time when Sancho was selected for the England squad and threatened his place in the squad, it seemed to light a fire under him and brought out his best, at least thats how it appeared to me at the time last season

  • @Black-wolf definitely, sometimes players need competition to keep themselves at the top of their game and maybe the injury to Sane has meant that Sterling has taken his foot off the gas a bit. This break means that the form book is out the window, so Sterling can come back and start a fresh which might do him the world of good

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