Top 10 Buys for Deposit bonus

  • Hi Guys I'm going to try and max out the deposit bonus but do not intend to keep the money in after the payout. I'm guessing that there won't be the usual mass sell off because of no IS and MS is slow. Who would you put your money for a quick minimal risk flip?

  • @LittleFish any of the top MB players you will just have to time your exit

  • Neymar is easiest too buy and sell imo and speculation about a return to barce is ramping up you could get some mb divs in the meantime.

  • @Sav2000 well yeah the exit is the key. Saw someone post that they sold their Ronaldo futures really quick. Having sold a decent stake in him pre CV I have just bought back in. Can see 5 MB going on for awhile so should cover the commission with some change left over.

  • @Millonarios I disagree, took ages for me to sell Neymar. Bought Sancho on Friday and just flipped half in minutes this morning for huge profit - not bad for 48 hours work 😊

  • @Hotspur Sancho definitely seems easy too buy or sell atm agree, just based on his price going up and up. I didn't even think of him tbh i just ignore him altogether because i can't afford a decent amount of shares in him. The only player over 5 pound a share i hold is Bruno

  • @Hotspur again I sold Neymar to market pre CV to load up on Bruno and he took ages to sell despite rising in price. Sancho might be the one but will his price hold up after bonus period ends as he's an obvious one to do what I'm proposing?

  • @Millonarios fair enough. Have had Bruno in sell queue for ages, seems market sentiment wearing off on him. May get back on before footy starts again, in 5 or 6 months or so probably.

  • @LittleFish that was me but his prices is a little up and down which is why I’ve sold, a little profit and decent div return though.

  • @Sav2000 said in Top 10 Buys for Deposit bonus:

    @LittleFish that was me but his prices is a little up and down which is why I’ve sold, a little profit and decent div return though.

    I'm similar. Put my 130 up for sale this morning. Got £2. 98 a share for them. Had decent dividends from him. Was my aim to hold for euros so have decided to free up where I can,ready to stock up on pb players for next season...

  • Of the players I don't hold: Fabregas at 36p who seems to be lurking in the media a lot recently.
    Milner at 84p same thing really.

    Of the players I do hold: silvan widmer seems a bargain at 31p for Basel when he gets some really good pb scores and is very cheap for it.

    Ruben loftus cheek has potential to be very impressive when he is back playing for Chelsea at 2.61. he should get back into the England team and he scores a lot of goals potential double your money in the long term, still young and very good.

  • @LittleFish I was thinking of doing the same thing but as I’ve only been on for 3 month I’m a bit unsure of taking the risk with 18k so I’ve settled for putting 5 in and leaving it in. I was thinking that the higher priced players would have more liquidity and be easier to sell as well as having less shares so I suppose Sancho fits the bill at the moment. My only reservation is that there might be a lot of listings once the promo ends so maybe someone like gnabry would be a good shout as I doubt there would be a mass listing and should hold his value. Let me know how you get on as I might do it next time.

  • I’m topping up Osimhen and Basic, both young and with a brilliant future, more links to the PL to come. Can’t see their price going down anymore

  • @Jimbo I started with 600 Ronaldo yesterday and today. I'm going to drip feed from now until cut off date into any MB risers. If I get a decent return I'll try and flip them to lock in any profit to cover any drop off on players once the bonus period is over. Well that's the plan

  • @LittleFish sounds like a plan. Good luck mate.

  • @Jimbo I hope it works. My marriage depends on it.

  • @Jimbo thing with gnabry is he’s already had a bit of rise recently. Not gonna move anytime soon, so he’s basically a pb player now, but being reclassified as a forward helps 👍🏻. Good luck

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