Neymar- Relative value at the top end?

  • So much movement at the top end in a relatively period has led (in my eyes) to Neymar looking like relatively good value. All the reasons that had him sit at the top of the pile for so long remain unchanged. There will be speculation over a potential barca move, if it happens, good, if it doesn't then also good. Market growing ahead of him all points to a good investment unless I'm missing something?

  • You think a Barca move would be good for his price? Yes it would generate MB but he is predominantly a PB player - he'd go from a garden stroll in PSG games to battlestar galactica with Messi at Barca...

  • @Hotspur haha i like the description. Certainly stiffer competition for PB at Barca but he has proven he can cut it in La Liga. Suppose it hinges on how long Messi continues to play in that role and at that level.

  • Barcelona move would see him go into the Messi black hole, & nobody wants that.

    He's best off left where he is - unless he moves to the PL.

  • all good feedback. I'll sit on my hands a little longer...

  • @Benzemabob I've just sold my Ronaldo and jumped on me. May be against the grain. I've never held neymar regrettably. Seen him at £20odd quid aswell. Always thought I'd missed the bandwagon on him. He should bring in plenty of mb in the next few months. It was a toss up between him and pogba. I hate neymar as a player but as an investment I think he will be good for a few months.

  • @Ericali said in Neymar- Relative value at the top end?:

    Barcelona move would see him go into the Messi black hole, & nobody wants that.

    He's best off left where he is - unless he moves to the PL.

    You could also look at it both ways. Yeah he’ll be competing with Messi, but you could argue that Messi would occupy defenders allowing him more space to work. Currently at PSG he is the best player so most defenders would naturally focus more attention on him. With him and Griezmann (and a better team in general) feeding Neymar the ball it’ll just mean more goals.

    Plus he’s shown before that he is a cut above the rest in la liga during his previous spell with Barca anyway. They’ve been too reliant on Messi this season, they need another big time player to help him

  • @Andy you could argue that probability - or you could just look at the hard facts.

    Neymar playing a load of farmers every week he scores more goals than when he was part of a front 3 containing himself, Messi & Suarez.


    His PB goes down because he won't knock Messi off the penalties or FKs.

  • @Andy problem for Neymar is the whole Barcelona philosophy revolves around Messi and he takes every set piece. That’s a lot of points for him to make up with his dribbling and diving 😜

  • Neymar will have his share of fks, pens no but fks yes, both pbs will be affected but not as much as the non holders like to make up

  • Didn't Neymar move because he was fed up of being in Messi's shadow & the whole club revolving around him.

    That's not changed I'm afraid - Messi is top dog.

    Neymar will have to play a support role.

    Either way, Neymar's price isn't going to be positively effected by moving from PSG unless he rocks up in the PL.

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