Should I have sold Sancho - Thoughts Please

  • Hi All,

    Hope you’re all keeping well . Advice please, I shifted my 50 Sancho earlier at £11.96. Thought process was that I could invest in other players ‘ long term’, possibly buy back if he slumps slightly after recent spike or have some cash for rainy day. I have a smallish port around 5k. Would you have held ? Thoughts welcome - Cheers 👍

  • Hi - never a bad idea to lock in profit, particularly after a big spike. I sold half my Sancho earlier at £11.95. Then topped up Bellingham, as see him with more growth potential now. With your profits, you have the chance to buy some cheaper players and diversify, which is probably sensible with a portfolio of your size. But there can be no right answer to your question, and none of us have a crystal ball. Good luck!

  • What was your buy price? And how many did you own?

    The answer to your question ‘should I have sold?’ is most probably ‘yes’ regardless...

  • @Pizarro
    It’s all about ‘strategy’ ‘disposal income’ & ur objective with portfolio
    Personally I think ya done right BUT not if ur plowing into poor buys

  • I would have sold at £11 if I'm honest - you have done brilliantly getting the £11.90+

    Congratulations. 👍

    It was absolutely the right move to sell - his price anywhere but Manchester United results in a sharp drop.

  • I agree, correct decision

  • Good decision can only see price falling when you look at remainder of index

  • Thanks for your advice, it feels right to have sold. Held 50 futures for around a year or so, fair profit locked in. Completely agree on needing to reinvest wisely otherwise pointless move.

    Quite a subjective subject, wouldn’t be that surprised to see him £13 -£14 in a few months time with ongoing speculation

    Keep well all 💪

  • Top business if you ask me. I hope he does reach 13 or 14 quid. Not to rub it in bit think of the rest of the market that will have to play catch up! Unbelievable amounts of cap app to be had again!

  • Got out at £11.20. Happy with that.

    The way I see it is how much further can he go vs how far can he fall.

    The money is better used elsewhere.

    Players prices drop when they sign, even Bruno briefly when he joined United.

    If he does sign for United I'm sure there will be opportunity to get back in. Yes you'll miss a few dividends but when you can only get a maximum of 5p a day soon it's not going to be massive. Well done getting £11.80 mate.

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