17-21 year old forwards with potential

  • someone just posted about Fabio Silva from porto. a forward of 17 years old (2.17). got me thinking of other forwards of the same approx age. Barrenetxea . 18 (1.77).

    Do you guys have suggestions for other forwards of this age with assessment of their potential. i like barrenetxea as looks good on youtube viewings and i like real sociedad for their youth development. i don't know much about Silva but will look into him. of course he's not in a pb league yet.

    ive researched others who are a little older like florinel coman and i like moussa dembele. other players that come to mind are Stengs and Osimhen and isaak.

    which ones do you rate the most?

  • The one closer to become a top player is Osimhen in my view. I see a big move for him this summer

  • @jonathan-rolfe

    This is just about the most over hyped & over valued area on FI, maybe just maybe we could be looking at the next CR7 or Messi but equally they could be on loan at Rochdale or stacking shelves in a couple of years time, so why anyone would pay £2+ for such potential is beyond me. The value available currently with regular PB league starters, that post good numbers & compete for dividends week in week out (obviously when we have football) just highlights the issue further. I understand the whole getting on early & FOMO that drives such behaviour but it resembles the dotcom bubble IMHO as everyone who started a new online business was touted as the next facebook, Amazon or google - the truth is it's just not that easy to be a world beating business or footballer.

    I have no doubt that the youth bubble will continue & many will be able to make good money from the naivety or stupidity of others but I fear it gives the impression that FI could be portrayed as a ponzi scheme or akin to junk bond trading; as few have actually the underlying value to back up their market price, many will never win any meaningful dividends, let alone repay their purchase price but I know my view is in a minority.

  • i appreciate your view and to be honest i prefer to get players around the 22 year old mark but the purpose for me of this post is precisely to narrow down to the ones who are most likely to make it as i dont want to be indiscriminate with my buying

  • let me add also that with pb divs i prefer to go for midfielders and defenders. Apart from the obvious candidates i dont rate them so highly for the index .regarding young forwards i am looking for information on players whos progression might lead to transfers/more first team football and of course capital appreciation

  • @jonathan-rolfe said in 17-21 year old forwards with potential:

    young forwards i am looking for information on players whos progression might lead to transfers/more first team football and of course capital appreciation

    Have a look at the price graphs of CHudsonOdoi, Luka Jovic, ViniciusJr or Joao Felix as they were last seasons new forward wonderkids.

    You also need to factor in most new youngsters will be recent IPO's that are coming in at significantly higher starting prices than those who have already been on the index for a while. So it now involves tying up larger amounts of capital for the same number of futures. Direct price comparisons are also harder as fewer futures have been issued to achieve any set price level. Good luck in your search I hope it pays off for you.

  • I’m just getting my funds ready to buy Osimhen, £2.25 is a great investment especially with him being linked with all the top clubs including real an Barca

  • @NewUser159387 great feedback thanks

  • Kubo is great value in this category at £1.74 - has been Mallorca’s most threatening player and certainly shown enough this season to be playing regularly in a much more attacking team next season.

    Widely expected to replace Odegaard at Sociedad when/if he returns to Madrid - plenty of other decent La Liga teams are showing interest in him, Madrid only loaned him out due to reaching their limit of registered non-EU players.

    Surprised at his price in comparison to many other similarly rated teenagers who are much further away from regular first team PB action.

  • Joshua Zirkzee 2.47 was on fire for Bayern and is only 18! 3 goal in 5 matches in Bundesliga! He will play more and more...

  • @jonathan-rolfe Willem geubbels £1.35 will fly when he gets game time, been injured a fair bit but cost Monaco 20 million at age of 16

  • Paulinho @£1.87 looks good value and has stats around 200

  • Myron boadu for me...have held for a good while now, had a dip as most did due to covid but slowly working his way back towards his peak with plenty more to come. Euros being put back a year gives him a fantastic chance to stake a claim for a place .. although he would probably have been in the equation for squad any way particular if memphis hadnt made it. But another year under his belt and he could blossom massively. Big talent.

    I also hold Osimhen, Alexander isak, Patson Daka and Eduoard (although i think he might be 22 now) but think all of them are big potential strikers who have potential moves on the horizon.

  • @Chris-J Kubo is a great shout, Amine Gouri & Patson Daka are a couple of mine. Had Boadu but stupidly sold

  • John Yeboah, Gianluca Gaetano, Eddie Salcedo, Linton Maina all have decent potential and under £1.15 I think

  • I still like Brewster but I dont own...maybe one day

  • I think in terms of English football, Greenwood and Martinelli look streets ahead of most players their age. Obviously Foden too.

  • What are people's thoughts on Calvin Stengs? Seems quite a high price already when you compare him to other players, and when there's a good chance he could just end up at Ajax or somewhere. Was poor in both legs against United in the EL, but has scored well on PB

  • Nicolas Gonzalez @ 80p. Unreal price.

    21 years old, has played 3 times for Argentina.

    Some of his standout stats this season playing most games on the wing:
    0.46 goals per 90mins
    2.8 shots per 90
    2.6 successful dribble per 90

    Playing for Stuttgart who look a very strong bet to go up from Bundesliga 2. If they don’t then he’ll surely get a move away.

    Was the best player on the pitch against Bayer Leverkusen in the cup last month

  • Plus Trincao on his way to Barcelona is a great price, one of the most undervalued young players on the platform, could be a star if he gets game time at Barca.


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