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  • If the PL and EFL are really worried about what to do here is a suggestion so that teams are not penalised for all their efforts this season - stop the season now and even up the games for everyone based their average points win. Start next season as usual but add this seasons points, goals F and A etc - At the end of next season you should get an honest end result - Just a thought and happy to be shot down. Final thought, all the teams that were in the Euro cups should represent their countries again and in the same leagues for CL etc. Interested in your views - if you do intend to shoot me down at least explain why and not just add the comment - Pratt, pillock etc

  • @Gary-T so basically next season wouldn't be competitive as Liverpool will have already won the league? I think they need to end this season one way or another, even if that's by simulating the rest of the games based on points already earned up to this point (in which case Liverpool will rightly be crowned champs), there would be controversy with whoever makes the top 4 and gets relegated of course, but I honestly don't think it should integrate into next season, it would be a waste of a season.

  • Just finish this season. However long it takes. Too much chaos otherwise. Next season should be easy to recoup time. Just play two games a week from the start instead of 1 a week and then suddenly a mad rush like usual. Could also cut international friendlies right down... And no qualifiers to be done... Postpone world cup qualifiers till after euro 21

  • @Vespasian32 also not run domestic cups / community shield next season - should make up the lost time easily.

  • @Heinstein You make some great points but also make the assumption that, in your example, Liverpool's form will continue. I think season after season teams have been at the top of their divisions, and it doesn't matter which division, only to fall away the next - example Mansfield Town going really well last season and into the playoffs, this season?? Shrewsbury Town last season were flying, this season?? It could be argued that Manchester City last season were world beaters but this season?? Agreed that if you are so many points ahead you shouldn't throw it away but if you can win a game then you can certainly lose one as well.

  • @Vespasian32 But think of those poor, unfortunately players - 2 games per week, heaven forbid. Klopp, Guardiola et el will be pulling their hair out.

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