Saúl niguez

  • Regularly see Marcelo given MB points from stories about Marcelo Bielsa due to the not fit for purpose system picking up his 1st name.
    How then is it that Saúl Niguez is not credited for the sun headline linking him to United because it only mentions Saúl. Sick of this!

  • @NewUser5849 but they remove the ones for Marcelo so don’t really understand your point; rules are full names, until the rules change that’s life

  • @Sav2000 that's what people say.....

  • @Dan-w they’ve altered the name though. Sorry it should have read the star not the sun. The star headline has his full name on it. But FI have altered it so it only has Saúl in their version.

    Plus with Marcelo they manually alter the name later in the day as the headlines have absolutely nothing to do with him.
    In this case they wouldn’t have to manually alter the inclusion of the player as clearly the headlines are about him and therefore rightfully credited.

    The system is a joke and has been for years.

  • @NewUser5849 I was just referring to "that's life"🤣
    I've said it all along that MB should include every single article.
    Only way to keep it fair and transparent as the articles wouldn't be published if they wasn't in the public eye. It's part of their job at the end of the day.

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