FI altering headlines manually and fixing MB points

  • Firstly why Saúl Niguez doesn’t get points when articles call him Saúl is ridiculous (considering the amount of times Marcelo gets points for Bielsa related stories).

    However rhe headline in the star today my that has been included In Sancho’s MB points is “how Man Utd could line up after Jadon Sancho and Saúl Niguez transfers”

    This has been altered on the MB page and the word Niguez has been omitted. How often is this happening? And ix it just another tactic to keep MB dividends with the top players to keep the big fish happy

  • @NewUser5849 Agree that does seem ridiculous as they clearly have his full name in the original article.
    Not sure about the conspiracy theory though as Sancho got the full points. Plus, if anything, FI dont want Sancho or Pogba or Bruno winning all the time as they are paying out more.

    Ask FI on twitter, they actually respond to some of this stuff on there.

  • @NewUser5849

    Initially when I read your message, I thought it was just another rant from a user that didn't read the rules properly ... but you're spot on mate.


    This is just another example of how ridiculously flawed the MB system is.

    Yet we continue to throw thousands upon thousands of pounds into a broken arsed machine that is clearly not fit for purpose.

    Sort it out FI!! 😉

  • At 12:30am Goal had an article linking him with United. Used his full name and this does not appear to have been picked up

  • @NewUser5849 only picked up if it’s on the RSS feed, sometimes they’re not and it happens.

    Instead of writing the same thing on different threads have you emailed CS or sent a DM on Twitter? They don’t monitor here so you’re unlikely to get a response.

  • @NewUser5849 are you sure it's not because in the article they haven't put an accent above the letters in his name. So it probably hasn't been automatically picked up by the system. Not great but i think that's just the way it works

  • Sometimes the RSS feed has different headline

  • MB is a complete joke at the moment but FI and big fish making money so who cares, Grealish tomorrow for breaking the law

  • @Sav2000 there’s absolutely no point. Until the platform suffers they aren’t interested. The same happened with Rodri last year and conveniently they waited until after all the MB had passed before they changed the names they accept for him. They have their agenda and it’s clearly to keep the big investors happy.

  • @NewUser5849 i didnt used to believe this as i saw it as conspiracy theories but im starting to come round to the same thinking. The Rodri example is a good one, people asked them to sort it but they wouldnt but then did so for Haaland even before they ever corrected Rodri’s MB. The only real explanation is that they respond to certain traders complaints over others which I understand but on such a social platform they cant really do that without harming the product as a whole

  • FI know MB is a mess which is why they sent traders the quiz about MB and how traders wanted it to be. We haven't heard what changes they're going to bring in but it needs to be sharpish as we're very likely going to be trading on MB for quite a few months.

  • Did anyone get any feedback from this. I'm a Saul or Niguez or Saul Niguez holder.
    Tweeted customer services myself, but not had a reply.

  • @Dronny-Gaz yeah I emailed them and got the usual copy and paste reply.
    They say the haven’t altered the headline but have not explained why there was the discrepancy when the link was clicked.
    The same happened with Dan / Daniel James last year and Rodri. They have rafael being credited for a story about Rafael Benitez today but refuse to give points to players for stories which are clearly about them.

  • @Vespasian32 said in FI altering headlines manually and fixing MB points:

    Sometimes the RSS feed has different headline


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