'Long Term Investment' rather than 'Short-Term Investment'?

  • Hey all,

    I have been involved in the 'Football Index' for just over a year now and i have seen a lot of price fluctuation in player's futures !! the question we have to ask ourselves is why are we using 'Football Index' in the first place....

    Buying and Selling for short-term profit can pay off if you know when to strike on your portfolio but the biggest downside is short-term trading takes time and a lot of commitment towards the Index (a good trader would check the market every 45 mins-1 hour) but like the majority of us most of the time we are away from the Index (e.g working, spend time with the family) and therefore may not check their portfolio for up to 3-4 hours and that is a LONG time in the trading world !!, if you check your portfolio every 3-4 hours then short-term trading is NOT recommended as this can lead to rash selling decisions which can ironically lead to you making more of a loss than a profit in the long run !!!

    i'm almost finished i promise..... In my opinion 'Long-Term Investment' is the key to the 'Football Index' and this is where you end up making the bigger bucks :-), use the Buzz/Media Dividends to your advantage and remember who is on form, the longer you hold your futures the more dividends you will get and therefore result in a steady return and will improve your decision making in trading.

    Thanks for your time and happy trading :-)

  • Nicely put

  • Generally agree, and 'time in the market over timing the market' is strong in standard investing.
    However, pick your long-term stocks wisely- unlike normal equities, they're not guaranteed dividends.

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