My original £20.

  • So with the introduction of the new summarised transaction history, it got me wondering how good my original buys were.

    So I looked at who I bought with my original £20 deposit and here they are. I joined FI on 30th April 2017. The two amounts are the price I paid on the left against the price now on the right.

    Sergio Ramos 56p - £2.16
    Tony Kroos 80p - £3.16
    Gonzalo Higuain 81p -£1.64
    Michael Keane £1.27 - 54p
    Kyle Walker 97p - £1.09
    Michail Antonio 81p - 64p
    Koke 59p - £2.13
    Cristiano Ronaldo £2.26 - £8.95
    Ben Gibson 89p - 55p
    Marcelo 42p - £1.96
    Lionel Messi £1.98 - £10.60
    Neymar £2.72 - £11.55
    Ryan Sessegnon £1.18 - £2.88
    Kingsley Coman 77p - £1.84
    Hector Bellerin 76p - £1.09
    Moussa Dembele (celtic) £1.98 - £1.61
    Renato Sanches 65p - 81p

    Purchase total:£19.97 (if my calculations are correct)
    Current total: £53.82

    So I've mainly posted this to show how massively the FI has grown in 12 months. For the record a lot of these purchases were naively bought based on transfer rumours and my opinion of them as players at the time.

    As you can see some have multiplied significantly whilst others have failed but I was so impatient i'd sold all these guys and bought someone else within a month.

    I guess ultimately my message is to all the new guys and that is be patient and trust your own football knowledge. Obviously the introuduction of performance buzz helped a lot but If I'd bought 100 of each of these on day 1 and held them till now I would have been far better off than I am now!

  • Yes you would have over £3k capital appreciation and I’d be interested in what dividends you would have earned

  • @LG probably a good £500 on top just from the 3 main men!

  • What people forget to say is it does not matter when u join, there are always new superstars waiting to burst on the scene. So the original guys who got Messi etc cheap, have the same chances as everyone else now spotting the new Messi, Ronaldo and getting him cheap. U need patience and I hate waiting.

  • @Joking - That's a really good point!

    Just look at the recent rises on Vinicius Junior, Hirving Lozano, and Lewis Cook for example.

  • i been looking at Vinicus junior on youtube he looks more impressive than ronaldo now!

  • I saw him also. Thot he is a raw talent needing coached. Bit aimless running around dribbling at everyone. hopefully Zidane or even Ronaldo can help him with that.

  • Good effort! Double your money in just under a year, tasty 👌. Onwards and upwards 🙌

  • @Stevo hindsight though, I would always recommend taking good profit on a player say you made over a month maybe 2, and reinvest it. as profit is not profit until you sell, then with that extra cash(profit) you can find another undervalued player and do it again. I am not saying its right or wrong, its an interesting post, if you had 50k to invest then yes holding them would see a worthwhile ROI, but IMO when you have a small start up investment, you have to work harder and flip any profit, to then invest in more futures so they then work for you, keep your money working for you

  • @FranklynMary said in My original £20.:

    Good effort! Double your money in just under a year, tasty 👌. Onwards and upwards 🙌

    I would suggest you could times that by 5 if you flipped profit, reinvested in another under valued player, every time you flipped you can increase your futures, with more futures you increase your profit, say you aimed for 12p each player you start of with maybe 50 futures, reinvesting that 12p or 10p minus commotion your constantly upping your futures, and making more futures work for you.

  • @SMacFI all very good advice mate. You can see from some of the players i bought they were definitely worth getting rid of anyway because they were rubbish buys but at the time they had some big transfers lined up!

  • Its just gauging when they will stop rising, or what i found set a price your happy to take before hand and when it reaches that price cash out, as trying to squeeze that extra few pennies out a player can be the difference of profit you was originally happy with and the tipping point where the players value starts dropping and the only way out is IS and very small profit

  • @SMacFI absolutely, couldn't agree more.

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