The Bonus ending sell off

  • I should have about 300 bonus on April 24th. I will be looking to reinvest it.

    Generally what is the best time to buy after a bonus period?

    Straight away after everyone has listed? Within a day? Within a few days?

  • Will be different this time as I can’t say there will be much selling because the insta sell is still awful!

  • If your playing the patient long term game just get in on anyone your watching at a low price before everything starts booking again

  • Save for next offer

  • It's usually instant selling, people using the 10% on money they can't really leave / don't want to leave in etc they take 3-5% profit

    With no IS it will be interesting, we will still see drops, but itl be market listing.

    I'd see what drops happen at the midnight, if any big ones stand out I might Wade in, but as above, I'll probably save for the next announcement or top up long term big dips (pb). The next announcement is never too far away, could try and preempt it (proactive punt at players that will benefit) or as in lock down should be able to react swiftly to it when it comes.

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