Incorrect 24 hr and 7 day balances

  • My 24 hr and 7 day balances have wrong for about 3 months now. They are both inflated and thus way higher than they actually are. My 24 hr balance is approximately £30 higher than it should be every day. I am not making £33 a day believe me. But that’s what it indicates. Similar with weekly balance that shows I’m £210 profit every week. Wrong again. I only gave £1,300 in shares in total. My total balance is correct and goes up a pound or two a day. I’ve reported this twice over the last few months and FI say they are looking into it. It’s same on mobile and desktop versions. Driving me mad!

  • Mine is always 70 pound higher, the first time i saw it i got excited lol. i will charge my phone to do a screenshot.

    24 hours plus 82 pound

    7 days plus 77

  • I’ve tried screenshotting but it doesn’t to work on iOS

  • Has anyone had this sorted?

    I find it very annoying, I emailed customer services and they were useless. Didn’t listen to my issue just explained how they are meant to work. Which obviously I knew.

  • @gazlawson mine is even worse now!!

  • @Tom7471

    I’m going to give it another shot contacting customer services,I’ve got some screenshoots which I’ll include. I’ll keep you posted if they can sort the issue.

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