Share expiration dates

  • I understand we get the 3 year holds on each player, i have been manually going through each player today to see when my shares expire and when i need to sell.

    My only issue, for those of us who had the luxury of the share split around 12 months ago, do the shares you bought previously continue their date stamp after being trebled by the split.

    ie.. if i bought a 100 shares worth of a player on 1/5/17 and then had the share split which would have given me 300 in total. Would i lose the difference of 200 on the 1/5/17 or would i keep this until the date they were split?!?!?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Share split made no difference - all 300 would expire three years after the original purchase date. This was confirmed at the time by FI.

  • but what if you bought them in increments? so had a total of 100 converted to 300 but bought them 4x25??

  • @NewUser47207 then you'll have shares in batches of 75 with the expiry dates 3 years on from when you bought each 25

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