How large is your portfolio ?

  • It’s always tempting to just dump money into FI. New finds, tips and gut instincts just make me want to dump everything into the first new player I find. My £350 portfolio consists of 1 ATT, 2 MID, 2 CB and 5 WBs. Evidently I have a thing for wing backs and I have the most faith in them. That’s a 10 man portfolio with just £350.

    Would people advise to just top up on holds if I’m putting new money in ? Most of my holds are in the red, with just 2 in the green. Would it be better to top up to the red in the players I have the most faith in?

    My watchlist consisted of Hateboer, Castagne and other wingbacks, but with a small portfolio I think it’s better to keep it small.

    Thoughts ?

  • @KingJimoT if you have faith mate stick with your gut

  • @MUFC my gut is telling me to top up on Semedo. The only 3 rises in my port as full backs. Semedo is down 13p and was thinking about investing another £50 into him.

    It’s either him or a completely new player...thoughts ?

  • Diversify your port by adding a few forwards and mids to increase your pb chances.
    Defender pb is hard to win. just say two teams are playing 3-5-2 or similar formation, you could likely have 10 defenders ( inc WB’s ) all vying for a Def PB win. Most teams only play with one forward these days, so less competition for the PB win

  • Everyone plays this game differently. I have 164 players with a £6k investment (though purchase value of £7k) and my current port value is around £11k now. I am the ultimate diversifier and it works for me, and it means I get small but steady dividends.

    If you go for just a few players, you need to be sure of good dividend or cap app potential. However, the potential rewards are greater.

    It's how you want to balance it really, and your risk style.

  • As @kristiang85 says

    Diversity is key
    as well as being prepared to sometimes miss out on profit as there will only ever be 1 person who sells at the top of a spike, trying to gauge when to jump off before it becomes harder to sell.

    Most of my purchases are mode on gut feel, that gut feel becomes more reliable the more time you spend on here as well as exposing yourself to the numerous portals of information available to you on here,Podcasts, You Tube

    I also tend to look at the picture profile of players as well for example Jack Harrison at Leeds has unusually large ears which are undoubtedly an asset to him during windy conditions (scientific evidence backs this up if you consider that Leeds poor run earlier on in the season coincided with a period where the weather was calm, but as soon as the winds began to pick up towards the back end of Jan and into Feb, Harrison was able to utilise his significant appendages to the Yorkshire clubs advantage and help them "Sail" up the table

    Im thinking of getting rid of Gravenberch though as he is looking a bit ill today


  • @Advinculas-Index but for someone with a £400 portfolio. 10 is probably a good count

  • @KingJimoT bit of a pump as I hold but Maxime Lopez is going to get a transfer and for his price is a good pb hold

  • @KingJimoT said in How large is your portfolio ?:

    @Advinculas-Index but for someone with a £400 portfolio. 10 is probably a good count

    Id probably say 11

  • @Advinculas-Index topped up in Gosens to get 100 of him. Still got 10 players

  • 12 man portfolio with around 5.5k. Ideally I'd like more players but 6 of the 12 are in good profit and 6 aren't and the ones in good profit are defo not ready to sell, players such as rashford and sancho

  • @MUFC Likewise, 400 now, lots of transfer spec about but not picked up by the notables for MB. He's only got a year left on his contract, just his destination to sort out.

  • 💯 + enables diverse IMO

  • @Friedeggs said in How large is your portfolio ?:

    💯 + enables diverse IMO

    Id agree with this. My portfolio expands and contracts constantly currently im at 12 because i have shifted to media and i was finding the market too hard to predict back in December. Before that i had 130 players. I do what i can to limit damage and avoid FOMO so when i had 130 it was because i could see value everywhere i then sell a player once it reaches my desired target and spread the money between the remaining players that havent risen, eventually i end up with larger holds in less players and when they reach my target i sell and xast a large net again. Its a good way to see the trends as they happen

  • The first thing i would say is just be careful, dont become addicted and spend more than you can afford to lose. It can be very easy to pump more cash into FI and then regret doing so if you need the money in the future.

    For a portfolio of your size and value, i would keep clear of expensive players and old players, unless the old player is a bargain and will earn PB (like ilicic this season). i think it would be best to buy cheaper players and top up on them, the kind of players you think will rise in value in the future. Full backs dont seem to have a very high ceiling on here but someone like Gosens could be a good player to top up imo. Or even look at someone like Tagliafico, hes almost certainly joining a top team this summer (definitely leaving ajax, if the transfer window isnt disrupted by coronavirus) and hes under £1, while other LBs of similar quality and age outside the PB leagues (alex telles) are much more expensive, makes tagliafico stand out as a good buy imo.

    Or maybe look at other cheap young players as well as cheap players in their mid 20s, who are on the rise hype wise but not value wise yet, such as Bastoni, Maouassa, Sanson, Tagliafico (all under £1), Neuhaus, Klosterman etc...I would only top up on players you are very confident will rise, remember some may fall again before the start of next season, so may be worth waiting to top up when theyre cheaper, if theyre not highly hyped players or linked to big teams.

    Im new to FI too but i do think youre right in keeping the portfolio small and buying players of around 50p - £1.80) would be best for you, as you can afford to buy a good number of shares in them rather than having say just 3 shares in an expensive player...Ive followed the same plan myself

  • If you’re just 18 mate, try and resist ploughing every penny you have into this, go out and have fun, make a twat of yourself trying to pull, go on a few lads holidays etc! You’ll have plenty of time in the future to concentrate on stuff like this. Stick to the under £2 category, although it seems like you’ve joined at the wrong time you’ll definitely get some good prices at the moment! Tbh with you probably 80% of the players I’ve ever held I could’ve sold for a profit on here at some point but I just didn’t have the patience, patience is so important on here. I still think we’re at the stage where the platform is growing so you’ll make money even if you aren’t a great trader, trust in the process 👍🏼

  • @ChazFI123 my ratio of savings/disposbale income is currently 50/50. Im either working 40 hour weeks or at home doing f all lol. Probbaly the best time for me to invest as I have no other use for the money. I have an external savings account too :) 10p in Max over a week is a big win for me tho! Only 50 shares however :(

  • 6 inches - 7 in the warm weather

  • @Advinculas-Index
    I’m thinking more like 9...

  • Almost a 4K port for me consisting of 10 players. I’ve chopped and changed as time has gone on but now I’ve settled on a 10 man port. Will continue to invest long term but not at the minute cause of bills and the need to build up emergency funds. Any divs won currently are reinvested

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