Max Meyer

  • I'm considering a punt on Max Meyer.

    Now, if you have all stopped laughing I have some reasoning.

    Meyer was highly regarded and had a number of top clubs after him when he was available on a Bosman
    However it seems he and his agent priced him out of a move with clubs baulking at his wage demands.

    That left him making a horrendous career move to Palace.
    Given that Roy Hodgson is in charge and doesn't seem to fancy this highly talented German international who is draining Palace of over 100k a week, I can see him moving on this summer.

    Still highly regarded in his homeland, and with a wake up call about his wage value ringing in his ears I think he will look to return home to reignite his once promising career.

    With the German market coming on board is there any value in a cheap but speculative transfer punt.

    Any body any opinions or are you all still laughing lol.

  • I held pre his move knowing about the Bosman. As you say he was highly regarded in Germany and I was sitting on a bit of profit, while Palace wasn’t a dream move my hope was he’d stand out in that team and move to a bigger club. I instant sold eventually to reinvest in someone who could make me more.

    My worry is that the last season has ruined his reputation, he is now a player that failed to hold a place in a mid table team with some mediocrity amongst its ranks. Albeit the style may not have suited him.

    I can see a move back to Germany, and not to Bayern or Dortmund. He’ll end up at the German equivalent of Palace.

    Not a buy for me I’m afraid, I don’t see much movement at the mo, it’ll be interesting to see if he can regain his standing and then he could be worth jumping on.

  • Roy Hodgson isn't a fan of flair players. Zaha the exception but he basically is their team

    No way will Meyer go to Dortmund or Munich, 100% agree there

    However I could see him at Gladbach , Leverkusen, Wolfsburg or even a return to Schalke.

    He needs a new agent though, that's obvious lol

  • I've seen a very limited amount of this guy, but what I have seen he's looked pretty poor. Even the last 2 seasons in Germany he had 3 goals in 67 games? 55p though, you can't really go wrong. I'm sure someone will take a chance on him

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