Nelson Semedo?

  • Bought 25 at 71p and is now 61p.

    Thinking about topping up.

    Other options being:

    Top up Mykolenko (down 16p)

    Investing £100 in Castagne (own Gosens already)

    Investing £100 in Klostermann (over £1)

    Investing £100 in Trossard

    Topping up on green holds, Max + Gosens (£100)

    My gut says Semedo as he’s dirt cheap. Castagne interests me too but can only see him at £1 max. Klostermann is over £1 and Trossard is a risky but intriguing one. Max/Gosens have massive potential too

  • Gosens is the way forward....(I own 400)

  • @Archer22 bought him at £1.04 and up to £1.11...part of me doesn’t want to top up. Would only be an extra £50 on him

  • @Archer22 would you recommend topping up over Semedo ?? Mykolenko? Or is Gosens really the way forward

  • Gosens reaches nearly £1.50 previously. He has lots in his favour. I personally see him back at 1.50 once the football starts up. Atalanta are still in CL and he will benefit from German call up and possible transfer.

  • @Archer22 I’m very torn between him and Semedo.....very very torn. Semedo i can see reaching £1 but a top up on Gosens is tempting

  • @KingJimoT Split your money between the two or get some more money and trade on both.. if it was me I would be searching the sofa for some fallen funds

  • @Karl I’m an 18 year old “student” who luckily still has a job, so with nothing to spend and no bills, FI is just eating my money. £400 in within 2 months....:/

  • @KingJimoT .. Keep chipping away at your account as this platform is only going to expand over the next ten years. Dont worry about a 20 or 30 percent drop on a player and just keep topping up if you hold them once your initial reasoning hasn't changed.. Put your 50 quid on Semedo this time and the next few quid you get put on Gosins..

    I had a quick look at Nelson and he is definitely heading upwards and should hit £1 easily once he gets some good PB scores under his belt. The only thing I don't like about him is his age and I would be looking to get out him on a spike next season if you are looking to hold...

  • @Karl I had have some luck. Topped up on Gosens after a rise from 1.03—> 1.11, and then made it to 100 shares. Up 5p from 1.08—-> 1.13!! 50 Maxs too from 0.97—>1.05 !!

  • @KingJimoT Well Done Buddy

  • @KingJimoT Trossard was my biggest hold a while back and eventually sold him off. He has got some serious skills and ability for moments of magic but he doesn't do well on the PB matrix and struggles to get 90mins each week. He might have a short term spike after a good game and motd highlights but otw he just isnt consistent enough. I ended up break even on him when I should have sold on the motd spike, but you live and learn.
    Still young so still potential, but not going to happen at BHA.

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