What’s everyone’s ROI (%)?

  • Just a bit worried, joined just before the COVIS crisis.

    All time - (-£17.00) (-4%)

    7 day - (-£1.65)(-0.72%)

    24 hours - (+£5.00)(1.5%)

    Divs - £7.21

  • @KingJimoT said in What’s everyone’s ROI (%)?:

    Just a bit worried, joined just before the COVIS crisis.

    Those Yorkshire Bakers have a lot to answer for tbf


  • @KingJimoT said in What’s everyone’s ROI (%)?:

    @Advinculas-Index ??

    It’s COVID! You put COVIS.

  • My 7 days is +2.12
    24hrs + 0.79

    Not worth listing total ROI as I’m over 100% but I’ve been here a while.

  • All Time before Covid 19 was 39%
    All Time During Covid 19 is 29%.

    Current During covid 19 is 12%

  • Joined in January and have been quite lucky and very fluid in my moves. Currently on 70% ROI.

    I saw COVID getting worse so I sold before the drops and put everything into MB players, then made that switch back again a week ago.

    Good timing or very lucky.

  • 7 day +2.23%
    24 hour +0.5%

  • Banned

    24 Hours -0.31%
    7 Day 2.74%
    Current 63.15%
    All Time Position 50.97%

    If you are worried, paste your port here and we can advise

  • @MrWh1te ![alt text](1_1585926393428_743E7123-704F-472A-9477-99190A3748E0.png 0_1585926393426_E63946F1-A41B-4542-9545-85215D3CF140.png image url)

    Gosens and Max I’m super happy with. Got in on Gosens at 1.03 and topped up to round up an average price of 1.08. Bernat got me £4 in divs from a goal he scored before COVID, so that’s affected his ROI in a positive way. Morata, Semedo and Moutinho picked up small divs too which was good.

    Cheryshev was for the Euros and hasn’t been great. Akanji wasn’t in favour much and is out of CL. Moutinho took a massive drop but at least they still have EL. Morata I have faith in as my only striker as Spain have the Euros and Athletico are in the CL. Mykolenko I have faith in as a future prospect. Bednarek was an odd buy. Bernat has CL and Euros and still underpriced.

  • @KingJimoT

    24 Hours - 0.06%
    7 Day - 2.06%
    Current - 45.82%
    All Time Position - 98.53%

    Annoyingly close to 100% ROI, hopefully if things carry on the way they are will get there within a week 🤞

  • @9stevo have a look at my port ^^ much worse than yours...

  • @KingJimoT mate, you'll be fine, its an unprecedented situation that has created a massive MB situation here that couldn't have been foreseen. I'd been building up a port of big MB players ahead of the summer window, its just started paying out early due to the current horrible situation. If you're smart and play the index well in two years your number will look like mine (or probably better, I'm not very active and don't spend a lot of time on here like some do, prefer to buy and hold due to my personal circumstances) I'm sure, keep the faith buddy 👍

  • @9stevo thanks for the kind words! The divs fromBernat and the nice rises from Gosens/Max have helped!

  • I joined at a similar time (mid feb) and yeah many players where at their highest price so the coronavirus happened at the worst possible time for us. I was around £70 up (portfolio around £800 at the time) by the end of feb. Then when coronavirus started i ended up going down to -£80 by mid march, luckily i decided to put more money in and buy players i thought were bargains for the long term (mainly topped up on players i owned who were like -20-30p at the time), im now breaking even again and its only going one way for me at the moment (although that will likely drop again once this current promotion ends).

    There should still be some players you can invest (if you can afford to put more money in at this time) i would advise buying players for next season and maybe buy a couple you expect to be in the media for the next 3months. Or wait and buy players when there is another drop off in the near future (end of the month is my guess, especially if this season is voided). Looking at your Portfolio i wouldnt worry too much, over the long term these players will increase in value imo. (i actually have them too)

    Nelson Semedo

    Bednarek - Ive mentioned a few times, hes under the radar, as soon as he starts receiving the hype he deserves from the media he will move to a big club, which will make his price treble. (doubt it will be this summer, most likely next summer)

    Gosens - another one who will likely have a stable price of around £1.20-£1.30 at the very least, with spikes throughout the season next season.

    Then you have Moutinho who may be old but if he has a few good games highlighted by match of the day etc, you could see his price spike for a little bit. If Max scores/assists he should increase like gosens. Im not sure why Bernat is so cheap either, looks decent for that price. Akanji is 50/50, he pretty awful season but if he can get back to his best next season he should rise considerably too.

  • @KingJimoT I'm trying to put my divs into players who have taken a significant drop that I see rising when the football returns, look at the graphs and trust your instinct on who has dropped and will recover once normality resumes or throw money at MB players but lots of them have already had their rises.

  • @NewUser566192 thanks for the comprehensive answer !

    I’ll just try not to panic. £400 portfolio isn’t gonna return £200 in 2 months is it. There’s still loads of room for progression and I’ll enjoy the small wins as of now.

    Good luck to you sir and stay safe !

  • They are long term experienced traders, you are relatively new and learning, things will take time to recover when football resumes, time to find cheap bargains, example I have is Jurgen Ekkelenkamp I paid £1.55 and he is down to £1,24 which is a silly price and excellent value I will be buying more soon as will hold for 18 months and make a nice profit hopefully

  • @THFC1972 yeah Mykolenko down from £1.02 —-> 86p isn’t great, however these are all long term holds not shortbflips. Small portfolio of £400 means I’m expecting maybe £40 return in a year. Nice and consistent, like a glorified ISA !

  • I'm also new few tips I can offer is watch the forum and try and go with the trends and market, I managed to board the Bruno train and recently Kane and Rashfird have given my port a massive boost, you will be fine if you remain patient, some great money to be made here

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