Is a 10p increase a rarity for a squad player?

  • I invested in Phillip Max a week ago. Good PB scores, position change, loves a goal/assist and great potential for cap app. From 97p, he's shot up to £1.07...and I only bought 50 shares...

    Given this time of unprescendence, is this normal to have such a spike?? It's not like I'd sell him (return a lovely £3.34 after commission) , however I'm just a bit unsure how to feel. Still new to FI and he's my first big cap app so far

  • @KingJimoT 10p is nowt mate, you'll get bigger spikes than that. Not wanting to put you down at all. You've probably timed the buy very well so please dont take it like I'm putting you down. Quite the opposite, just making it clear to you that you dont have to rush to sell. Well done 👍

  • @MickTurbo nah just looking to build my knowledge! Obviously not a physical return but a current ROI of 8.1% is happy days for me ! For someone with a £400 portfolio too

  • When football returns and the goals start flying in you will see 20-30p spikes from squad players on match days 👍🏻

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