3 Year Expiry - How to find expiry date

  • Does anyone know how the 3 year expiry works? do we get a reminder or is there a way to click on the player and see the expiry date of the shares?
    So far the only way I seem able to find anything is by going through the transaction history but as I top up over time that is a little more hassle than having a summary?
    Afterall when you bet the normal way you can clearly see when the bet is run, we should have something similar here or am I missing something?

  • @Zaka_7 with all respect I see ya only been on 2 weeks ?....I guarantee in 6 months ur port will have changed...I’ve been here about 14 months, I know I haven’t anyone from my first month

    Good luck & welcome to Index

  • @Friedeggs I've actually been on the platform since 2017. However I only registered for the forum recently. I know at least 2 of my players were bought around that time, but I'm struggling to be sure on how many shares and when. I thought I would be able to just click the players and see a summary of dates much like a traditional bet. Seems a little unfair to give you a 3 year limit with no simple way of knowing when that deadline is?

  • @Zaka_7 oh you must be 💰💰
    Which are 2 & what price get out of curiosity ?

  • I use a spreadsheet to monitor. I think there are free templates out there, but mine is just a simple list, in date order, so I can keep an eye on this. Hopefully you'll be able to check the start of your transaction list to identify those you have held longest (won't be conclusive though if you've sold and bought again, as it's always the oldest shares held in a player that go first).

  • @Zaka_7 If you go to the website rather than the app you can download a .CSV file of whatever time period you want (in 3 month chunks) and then filter through it.

    My account:-
    Transaction summary:-
    Download .CSV file.

    The 3 year expiry was also discussed by Big Don and the FIG on a recent podcast. They believed that no bet over 3 years old had ever been voided and they also believed that no bet would be voided until a countdown clock had been installed. Although this is speculation.

  • Apoarently you get an email reminder from FI when they are due to expire. Don't think you get massive notice. I'd maybe contact CS if you feel the date is coming up and you've not yet heard.

    Keep getting told that they are working on some sort of feature so we know the dates. Suppose it will happen eventually.

  • Thanks both, will do. Much appreciated.

  • @Zaka_7 Also the 3 year bet is a godsend. Because of this it is tax free. If it was shares with no time limit we would be taxed!!

  • @Martyn-B heard this theory several times. Not sure I'd be brave enough to test it though!

  • @Mintyfresh True, which is why I added the disclaimer!! My longest holds are just over a year so there should be a countdown clock installed before it becomes an issue for me.

  • @Martyn-B I understand why it is put in place buddy. I just think it should be more transparent and easier to find. When you place a normal bet, you have a bet slip with a date of the event so know exaclty when it expires. We should have something similar here, it is essentually a bet with no easy way of finding when it is 'run'

  • @Martyn-B same for me. I joined December 2018 and I only have a couple of players left from then, although I do have a few others over a year now that I see potentially being holds for the duration.

  • @Friedeggs Unfortunately not. I didn't invest anywhere near as much as I should have as I only really signed up to get some cashback and have a look at the platform and I then stopped using it for a few years. I've only recently started again. I could have made some good money had a stuck with it! But you live and learn.

    The 2 players I did keep shares in were Ryan Sessengon bought for £1 and Benjamin Henrichs bought for 48p.
    When I did look through my transaction history I had several Neymar which I bought for £5 pre share split. But I got rid of them. Gutting.

  • So I have just got this back from support. Seems a little crazy they can’t build a summary sheet into each players card where you can just see a date or purchase and amount of shares bought! They do however confirm the 3 year limit WILL be enforced.

    Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

    I can ask for a transaction report to be sent to you via email this will contain all your transactions since joining the platform and will come in an excel format so you can filter accordingly you will have to work out what shares were purchased when and which are due to expire but it is easier and you can filter by player etc...

    There is currently no plan to extend the expiry date of Shares. However, once clarity on the completion of domestic season fixture fulfilment becomes clearer we will review this. You will have to sell the shares that are due to expire otherwise your bet will become void and no funds will be credited to your account.

    Please let me know if you would like the transaction report sending to you.

  • @Zaka_7
    expiry date is coming im sure
    iv owned half of mine 18months now and its on my mind, but i have decided when to sell and buy back in, going to do it over 2/3 week period when the market is moving....i just hope no big risers as itl sell my futures before

  • @Zaka_7 i was told in 2016 and didnt even look even tho i thought it was a brilliant idea.
    wasted my time using software trading horses 2017

  • @Martyn-B Hi Martyn I'm trying to find the download facility on the website but can't see it, would you mind giving an idiots guide of exactly where to find it



  • I just go in my transaction history...

  • Spread sheet i find best way to track/control all transactions on FI.The transaction history is good but can be messy if you trade a lot.

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