Non top 200 MB

  • How about an MB prize for the highest rated squad player on any given day. It would add some interest to the lower end of the market now and create some interest for traders who aren’t in the position of buying a thousand Sancho’s

  • That’s why the top players are priced like that, you want dividend you pay premiums. Plus 3rd and 4th at the minute aren’t top 200.

  • Or how about the 1st player to get MB points without United based stories.

  • @NewUser225298

    “Create some interest” = Earn dividends without doing any trading

    There is a way to earn dividends - get media players. If Pogba is too expensive and you can’t spend that kind of money right now then buy Andreas Pereira - but don’t artificially skew the market just so more traders can earn dividends.

    If you can’t afford media players focus on CA. Rashica is 27p up since I bought him last week. There are opportunities to trade.

    There isn’t really a huge problem with trading right now - the last week has been great for lots of people, not for everyone but that’s not how it should work. It might stagnate eventually but for now the markets relatively healthy considering the circumstances.

  • Don’t see why it would skew the market if someone outside the top 200 was guaranteed a 1p dividend for being the top MB each day.

    It would give everyone a slim chance of picking up a few quid.

    I already have Mb players just thought it might be an idea until Pb comes back for all traders to have a chance.

  • @NewUser225298 MB is open to be won by the entire market, including the Squad List.
    It’s been open for maybe 6 months or so

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