• He doesn't appear to be on the game at the moment, are new players still getting added at the current time and do we think he'll be in the next batch. Kid looks like he could be the next big thing.

  • @GDS I don't think there have been any IPO's since January, I have a list of about 7 players I am waiting for and he is one of them. Although not sure buying as soon as he is added is a great idea.

  • send them a message or email. they will add them soon

  • Thanks for your replies, yeah assumed IPO's were on hold for now.

    Whether he's worth buying will depend on the initial price, I usually buy my players for longish term holds so not too worried about instant returns.

  • Last they mentioned were that there could be some IPOs in may using a new system on NASDAQ, circumstances probably mean that’s been pushed back unfortunately.

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