Domingos Quina

  • Google this player you wont be disapointed. Will let google do the talking on this

  • not for me. Won't get much 1st team action in any of the interested clubs. Perhaps a very long term hold but much better players to invest money in imo

  • Like i keep saying, you only need to be on the bus for a few stops, not the whole journey, everyone has different strategies, I know a lot of you love young up and coming talent, its not so much my thing either, however I am into value and there's definitely value there just need to look at players like, Rhian Brewster, Brahim Díaz, Phil Foden, (not for one second comparing them, as never seen any play, just going on the news articles) the list of young talent that wont get game time for some time is long and all over a pound, I came across this kid doing research for other players and count believe the amount of arctics on him and only 65p a lot of news goes under the radar if a player is not in the top 200, just thought it might be of interest to some of you guys here. Just passing on what i stumbled across earlier.

  • Yeah I agree, I read a bit about Quina and got in at 52p, one of a few players I hold where I think there's decent medium/long term prospects. There are a few transfer rumours knocking about but I don't know if they're actually likely just yet.

  • I'm not on this guy but I agree. Bit of rumours and his price can lift. At 52p you only need a small rise to make it a good return.

  • I think if you want good value at West ham youth level you need to be looking at Declan Rice. In first team on a regular basis and been described as there best prospect since Joe cole, already has full international cap in which he was motm, West ham about to double his wages and I'd assume put in a nice little buy out clause as the big club start to circle.

  • @Lights Am not at all intreated in west ham, its the links to Man UTD, Liverpool, and Real Madrid wanting in the summer with headings of wonder kid that will raise his price come summer, am all bout value, and transfers bring big rises from value players

  • And all of a sudden he’s risen 13% haha

  • @FranklynMary Thats why i said i will let google do the talking on this one, anyone that googled his name will have seen the high profile articles, we all know transfer spec and head hunted by top teams and headlines of wonderkid will push a players value up over any limits that a player like Declan Rice will ever reach regardless of pecking order today, to be headed hunted by top teams at 17 clearly means you are seen to special, I have not seen one player in that special bracket anywhere close to under a £1 on the index 60p that insane value.

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