Dennis man

  • Strong links to Atalanta. Fcsb the club he is at have been hit hard by corona and the owner is looking to make some money. 24 games 7 goals and 4 assists this season for a 21 year old with links to big teams and will be in europa for next season either way. Also, versatile player who has played rw st and cam this season so good for pb as he is classified as a forward.
    I’m in for 300 thoughts appreciated?

  • Oh and a measly 77p

  • Good buy for sure if the transfer happens but dont expect rockets while the footys off indefinitely cos a Bucharest---> Atlanta transfer ain't getting any media

  • @MickTurbo I don’t expect rockets. I don’t expect media. However, I do expect him to move to arguably the most pb friendly team in europe. He was 90p with links to Birmingham. Pb league is naughty

  • Very exciting player, and I can see Romania causing some surprises for Euro 2021 as they have some outstanding talents coming through. The England vs Romania friendly will be rescheduled after normality resumes and if he plays well he could get a good increase (although that game isn’t eligible for PB)

  • Recently bought him and Nikola Moro who has similar transfer links. Only question with the latter is why he hasn't had the transfer already- been linked for couple of years now.

  • Interesting one and am tempted to buy in. Has a bit of risk attached. If he ends up joining Feyenoord then that locks him in price for a couple of seasons and would need to IS most likely. Atalanta and his price would double fairly quickly with all their goals. I think worth a punt

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor quite unlikely he goes feyenoord because Atalanta have offered more money. Makes sense for it o be Atlanta. I don’t think feyenoord is a terrible move either ngl

  • I’ve just bought 100 shares. Terrific value at the moment IMO. I think given the financial hit that clubs have taken, the big money moves will be very difficult. Imagine the backlash on Liverpool/Tottenham if they shell out £50M on someone, even though they’ve furloughed their staff! So it is much more likely for transfers to be getting a good young player on the cheap, so can see Atalanta doing this deal.

  • @Topbins he is a terrific hold at that price. This whole corona situation won’t just affect smaller clubs this summer but also next summer.

  • Atlanta have reportedly put a 10 million bid in and are able to increase the bid as they are looking to sell illicic. Feyenoord cannot afford to match Atlanta which is great news

  • Multiple sources reporting it but they are in Romanian but I put them all into google translator.

  • @Jdog assuming that they will actually put in an offer. Let's not pretend there is no risk here. You are over-pumping now which makes me suspicious you here for a pump and dump

  • Good rises today in both Man and Hagi, under normal circumstances I'd probably bug a load of florinel coman and wait for him to rise tomorrow. Might still happen like but I wont bother buying in

  • @MickTurbo on the back of that was just gonna go for coman but turns out his main links are with the mls so think ill stick with the main 'man'.

  • @NewUser414667 yeh it's just the sort of thing that sometimes happens mate but as I said, probably not this time around

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor mate I’m not over pumping there’s literally 7 or 8 news places reporting saying interest and likely to make an offer. Of course he may not go but it looks likely he will.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor just because they are in Romanian or Turkish and u haven’t took the time to read them or translate them don’t try and say I’m pumping.

  • @NewUser414667 what price did u get on?

  • @NewUser414667 said in Dennis man:

    Recently bought him and Nikola Moro who has similar transfer links. Only question with the latter is why he hasn't had the transfer already- been linked for couple of years now.

    It was at the final stage of signing for Milan when he did his knee ligaments.

    So far he is only linked to rangers this window... But in that scout report rangers admit they would be lucky to land him. If he went there it would be a stepping stone one season job.

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