1000 futures

  • who would be your three that you would put 1000 shares in,

    only 1 can be above £6

    holding long term for 2-3yrs


  • @kaka8 robin gosens because i own him and he will rise to £1.50....lol self promotion.

    Most likely Kane, Greenwood, Rashford

  • One above £6 = Bruno Fernandes

    The others over a 2-3 year hold I'd go Foden & one of Almada or Rodrygo.

    I hold none of the above, but recognise their potential/quality. 👍

  • Bruno Fernandes, Mason Greenwood and Gabriel Martinelli

  • @ChazFI123
    martinelli over saka?

  • @kaka8 some of what Martinelli has done, I just sit and think wow. I’d be interested to see what happens with Saka when Tierney returns. I just think Martinelli has everything you’d want in a modern day attacker

  • Ok I won’t say Gosens or I’ll get told off.....oops!
    Seriously though Kane it’s quite clear he will move one day and when he does it will be massive!

  • Foden 100% - I would probably say Kane too as he would be such a safe hold but will also probably rise a lot.

    Thinking more out there I would pick Dwight McNeil, to me looks a real player, suited to the PB Matrix (for now anyway) - if he ever gets out of the hands of Sean Dyche and into a club more suited to his style of player I think he could be huge. (I do hold)

    Billy Gilmour is also worth a shout, but also haven’t seen enough of him to be too sure, the hype around him reminds me of Josh McEachran a long time ago. But I do trust Lampard to give him time and help develop him.

  • a few names mentioned im thinking of

    regarding kai havertz...will he suit the pbmatrix?
    i like this player but hes quite highly valued already

  • Gnabry now he's a forward.

    Aouchiche, hopefully signing contract soon with promise of some first team football. If not he leaves... Risk is he's been linked with Galatassary. But as you've said it's a long term hold... That could still be good in long run

    Nikolo Moro... Young playmaker, not going to lay low in Zagreb forever

  • @ChazFI123 said in 1000 futures:

    Bruno Fernandes, Mason Greenwood and Gabriel Martinelli

    Upon reflection I’d potentially take a punt on Richarlison, think he could really be something special too

  • Bruno Fernandes
    Kingsley Coman
    Thiago Almada

  • Foden cherki rodrygo chouir

  • Interesting question. I've gone for players I don't currently hold (so the current price vs buy price doesn't cloud my judgement). David Brooks, Depay, Odegaard.

    Some good suggestions coming through on here...🙌🏻

  • Icardi and Donny Van De Beek - I’m banking on both getting high profile moves, potentially to the Prem!

  • interesting, firstly i will pick 3 i dont hold de bruyne b silva van de beek now 3 i do hold griezmann icardi and sean longstaff all could have big moves .

  • One above £6 - Pogba - the man makes dividends in his sleep.

    Two below £6 - Lautaro Martinez (baller, surely going to be a top striker for the foreseeable) and Angel Gomes (slight punt but united will have to give him game time for him to sign a new contract, or they will lose him and the media will be all over it, plus he’s English and would likely suit the matrix if he’s ever allowed to kick a ball)

    There’s my picks and logic 👍

  • @BeanDrown I don't think gomes is good enough to be getting game time at the moment, hasn't taken chances when given and we will invest heavily in the summer which will push him down the pecking order even further. I don't think it would make much media either, possibly a day or two and that would be it

  • @MUFC I agree he’s probably not going to get the game time at United, but if another big club got him I could see a ‘one that got away’ Sancho style media buzz.

    Granted that’s only if he gets a move to a big club, and probably only if he performs and gets game time, which is quite a big if.

  • Based on current prices:


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