FI reaction tp the crisis.

  • While stock markets have plunged amd industries have crashed, i think its worth praising how FI have managed to protect the index. Challenging times for most arround the world and they had to make some touch decisions, but i think all things considered yheuvr dealt with it well.

  • Yeah it's a hard one isn't it because on some level I think it's mad how they can completely control the market whenever they want but they have definitely protected themselves during this hard time. I can't work out if I hate them or like them for it. I think it's hate.

  • @Tom7471 if they hadnt of acted the way they did everyone appart from the first few to IS their whole port would have lost a shit ton of money.

  • @Tom7471 then leave

  • @Tom7471 they didnt just protect themselves, they protected our money too.

  • FI have done remarkably well. Yes it sucks for a few people who really needed their money out so had to IS with high spreads, but like me if you have only “gambled” within your means and can afford to leave their money in/top up on players, there were some opportunities.

    Hating FI for protecting your money is a bit rash

  • They have done a great job as well as offering promotions and incentives, been quite impressed they just need to sort MB mess

  • @Tom7471 if they kept spreads low, your portfolio would probably be at least 25% down right now and still dropping.

    They have done a great job all things considered.

  • Yep I'm very happy with FI in this - I genuinely think had they not acted, panic would have taken hold and the product would be close to doomed.

    Instead many of the big fish have upped their investments, many of us have made record highs, and confidence is flowing - and this is in a product based on a sport which nobody knows when it will start up again.

    The only hiccups have been the media article inconsistencies and the Belarus joke.

  • You simply can’t fault the way they’ve acted; yes they protected themselves which I’d expect them too, this in turn protected me.

    I don’t see spreads reducing at all and I would suspect they’ll just be replaced with order books.

    It’s so nice not seeing pump and dumps and player actually gambling (yes we gamble not invest) on players real worth in the current climate.

    For those that can afford to increase their stake will make money, those that can’t and hold will make money those that have to sell as they need the cash now will lose money those are the simple facts.

    I’m lucky me and my partner are key workers so I’m actually earning more money and spending less so I can put more in. Whilst I really feel for those who are finding it tough you have to remember you choose to gamble that money and you may now be out of pocket.

  • @MUFC I am trying. Had my whole port up for sale for nearly a month. I'm not instant selling though.

  • @NewUser303261 yeah they have definitely protected our portfolios as well which has saved a lot of people a lot of money including myself but it just feels weird. This won't matter when order books come in though because everyone will be able to sell at some point. Very excited for them.

  • @Chris-J I think the thing is that in a time of crisis like the Corona virus is I don't think that it's that bad that our ports go down a long way. Anyone with any sense will know that this product is amazing and the players will be worth a lot more after this virus

  • @Tom7471 why are you trying to sell up and leave then? Not having a go just curious?

  • @Tom7471 no don't blame you, what's your reason for wanting to leave?

  • @MUFC nothing to do with the index but I said I would buy property with a friend of mine. As soon as I have more money I will be putting it back in. I'm really excited for order books as I might not be the most knowledgeable about football but I'm pretty good at valuing players.

  • @NewUser303261 I instant sold 85% of my portfolio two weeks before the masses copped onto what was going on. I think FI dealt with this issue brilliantly and I have so much confidence in this platform that I have put every penny back in and will be investing heavily over the coming months and years. Old style gambling is in serious trouble once the masses cop onto this platform and I believe we are all in for one hell of a ride

  • @Karl good work Karl. It's an amazing platform and with patience there are so many rewards for all of us on here at the minute.

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