• list ten of the top 200
    who you think are underpriced mine are
    b silva
    de bruyne

  • Alexander Isak and Thiago Almada both represent great value at current prices

  • Everyone that isn't sancho 👀

  • @NewUser213636 with no football, and no real idea when were gonna have football even, I would ask where the divs are gonna come from for all but Griezmann who will get MB from transfer spec.

    Most of those you name are PB only, some like Oyarzabal are barely even that. I agree that Griezmann is under priced, I think you'll struggle to find better value than him at present as he will be piggy backed by Neymar to plenty of dividends throughout this media madness period and seems likely to end up at utd (mb gold) or PSG where he will saunter to plenty of PB wins.

    But some you name I would argue are over priced in the current climate as they have little to no prospect of returning any dividends. Parejo for example has virtually no chance of winning a dividend so could be virtually worthless for 6 months. KDB has more chance than Parejo, but at over 2.5 times the price and only a year younger than Kroos, I see little reason for holding him at present.

    I concede that these are players who will come back into fashion and will again challenge for dividends, so theres the opportunity to get ahead of the curve with them, but for me theres no way they are under priced at the moment.

    FWIW I'd say those in the 200 who are under priced would be

    Griezmann (I hold)
    Neymar (dont hold)
    Pogba (dont hold)
    Kane (hold)
    Coutinho (dont hold)
    Perhaps Mo Salah (dont hold)
    Others no doubt, could perhaps throw the likes of Todd Cantwell in there as a bit of a punt

  • For me Eden Hazzard arguably worlds best player a year ago then injury and the move to Real Madrid he is down to £3.59 if this Covid 19 has helped any player on the index it will be him.As a holder I hope he has got himself fit and ready to go whenever football starts again if he has then he could easily double over 12 months

  • @NewUser213636 struggling to see why you think Bernardo Silva is underpriced. Correct me if I’m wrong but the last time he won MB was due to the twitter incident involving his alleged racist tweet towards Mendy - other than that when was his last MB div? Can’t even remember the last time he won PB. I recall he scored a hat trick against Watford right at the start of the season and couldn’t even win PB on that day

  • @MickTurbo I hold the first 4, Griezmann as I've said elsewhere looks great value because he offers MB pull through from Neymar and almost certain to generate divs from any move for the reasons you stated. Plus he's the boss man for a French team that you would expect will go very close in 14 months time.

  • As in market today: tricky for 10 as think mb will be dominated by a handful and one is Sancho who has reached an according price, but here's first 10 that came to mind.

    When pb and ipds returns: again quick thought...
    De paul

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