• Just curious on peoples thoughts about Ighalo - in the media due to some spat with Deeney and wonder if this, plus any transfer rumours that surround Man utd and players coming in, will see the lad go back to China. My understanding is he has already taken a pay cut to play for Utd but will he be happy to continue on lesser money. Must be good media speculation around his future regardless of whether he stays or goes. As he has taken a bit of a hit 2.16 down to 1.77, and I think he might of bottomed out, is this a good time for me to add him to the portfolio.

  • @Gary-T he's worth 30p back in China, why not buy someone lower risk, plenty out there, I can't get my head round people buying him to be honest.

  • @Gary-T he’s worth a punt for the foreseeable and if the season resumes; like all players it’s timing the exit.

  • He’s one of the players that can still win media divs without being £7 a share

    Exit strategy is important and there’s a risk of getting burnt but he does have some value in that sense. Longer term when football starts, even if he does join Utd he will drop to around £1 quite quickly I think. This would make more sense based on how many divs he could win in the longer term

    If they don’t sign people like Kane or Sancho, he could stay higher than that though.

  • true, but for me its not worth the risk, like Bale last summer, but then loads got involved in that when I thought it wasn't worth risking.

  • I see him as a good value MB purchase. Carries risk but seems likely to stay.

  • Thanks guys will hold back for now and see if as I think he has bottomed out - might be worth a dabble when the transfer rumours and media train leave the platform.

  • Too risky, he's tanked because people bought him initially as he had a good MB spell, however seems to have dried out since

  • @Jim38 I think dried out is a bit of an overstatement - he went like a week without winning anything. He won divs yesterday, and still has an outside chance of winning something again today.

    His price plummeted cause people seem to be so volatile with their listing and de-listing right now, it’s odd. But if Ighalo was gonna win media every day his price would be a lot higher than it is now. Ighalo is a high risk hold, so makes sense people would hold off buying him, but he has value and I don’t think he’s dried up or anything if I’m honest.

  • I bought him after the dividends dried up. Yesterday's dividend was the first I've received since I bought him. He appears to be around the top 10 MB scores each day, so if Utd decide to hand him a permanent contract, there'll be more dividends to win. He's a hell of a lot cheaper than Sancho, Kane, Neymar, Pogba, Fernandes, etc.

  • @Daniel True that, he is high value high risk as there is no exit at the moment if the price plummets.

    I'll stay on the sidelines now, not one for me.

  • I still can’t get over Instant selling him a couple of days before he signed for United 😭😭😭😭

  • @Jim38 To be fair buying anyone with a few exceptions is high risk as there is no exit at the moment.

  • I bought him just before football stopped and sold him for a small profit when he hit £2.10 ish and had earned some divs. I don't see much value in him now, which is why I decided to offload. Time will tell if this was the right decision.

  • Why has my username changed to Tipper72???? I am Kipper72

  • Like someone mentioned above, one of the few who can win the MB while sub £2.

    I expect him to sign permanently, as the selling club & the player both want the deal.

    He's well liked at Old Trafford by fans, players & staff alike, there is no reason why the £15m asking price will not be met.

    Value in my opinion.

  • Topped up yesterday to a nice round 1000 futures. Don't care how much money he is offered he won't be going back to China. I wouldn't. There is glory round the corner for Manu and I'm not a fan. Plenty money is going to be made from their players.

  • Looks on course to win some MB again today. Could comfortably return 10-15% ROI before a ball is kicked again

  • @Ericali

    I know PB football is a distant dream at the moment, but would you say Ighalo is well suited to the current PB matrix as a forward? He seems to be very strong and capable of good hold up play. IIRC he had an impressive score in that 5-0 LASK thumping. Not saying he is going to do that every game, but could there be an argument for holding Ighalo even after matches return?

  • @DillyDong I agree. He's only started a few matches for us & has already won forward PB.

    What little we have seen of him on the current matrix he looks more suited than someone like Martial who other than scores, offers very little in terms of build-up play.

    He also seems more media friendly in terms of personality, always smiling & happy than the sullen Frenchman.

    There is certainly no need to flog him when Football resumes.

    The only reason to dump him would be a return to China - which seems very unlikely.

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