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  • Just joined Football Index today what would people say is the best way of making money? Dividends or buying shares cheap then selling later on? Cheers guys!

  • @NewUser137442 Everyone will have there own new and that will mainly come down to, the time you have to invest researching, the risk you want to take, I would suggest a balanced profile to start with, some expensive players that do well at MB, middle range value players that do well at PB and a few cheap value players that are under valued, and have transfer speculation, then you can decide over a period of time what strategy suits you, Targeting MB and PB players is good if you have not much spare time and you can forget about them and let them bring in dividends, you will pay more for them players s there expensive for a reason, giving you less bang for your buck. If you like to get involved enjoy the buzz of trading players value for money (as me personally get bored easy so love researching finding value but takes a lot of time) If you have a small cash source i would suggest to only way to make really inroads in expanding a low value profile is cheap undervalue players and flipping them, your cash will go further (that takes a bit of experience to do, to know who's likely to rise) if you only have a £100 buying 5 neymars and 6 messies , you will take years to double your initial investment, but i would start off with a few of the strategies mentioned and see what works best for you.

  • Both of those ways and more. I have bought young players for the future, players who will do well now, and cheap players in case they come good. Do anything you think best.

  • @NewUser59855 said in New to this today!:

    Both of those ways and more. I have bought young players for the future, players who will do well now, and cheap players in case they come good. Do anything you think best.

    Only danger of buying young players is your cash could be stagnating for a while before they get there chance in the team, at this stage of the season young players get a run in the team,I have a few youngness i bought into lately purely because there getting a run in the team, if you scout a few you think are good, check line ups before hand and then get on them. should then see instant returns and know the manger has faith in them and your money is not sat locked in a player you have no idea when he will get his chance

  • Welcome!
    Being new to this too, id suggest a wide spread and to be confident and patient. It’s easy to see a player has lost some value and quickly sell up. Likewise it’s easy to see a slight rise and sell when they could keep going even higher. So watch the market, read a load of the other forum posts, watch YouTube vids etc and think about what works for you. You can hold onto shares for 3 years so take your time and plan what would work best for you/think of what your aim is 👍

  • Welcome. Great time to join. If you have enough to invest, I'd watch the CL and EL quarter finals and focus on players who have CL or EL semis + World Cup + transfer speculation. The more options you have of making money from players the better. These players will be expensive already but will still grow I'd say, but move fast!
    Couple of good threads on here - 'best young players' and 'last 2 players you bought '

  • @SMacFI My young players are Jesus, Rashford, Sterling, Martial, Tielemans, Mbappe, O. Dembele, Sane, Iheanacho, NKetiah, Lewin, Beek, Sessegnon, Pinamonti, Balde, Augistin, Silva, Pellegri and Vinicius Junior. Most of them are playing first team regular football.

  • @Jack-LFC start slow and then go big once you've got a feel for what works. Read a lot of the forum as great advice here. Ask questions. Avoid twitter tips. One big lesson not all great football players are great FI players.

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