Gabriel Jesus advice

  • Just wanted to get some thoughts on Jesus. He is already a large hold of mine but am always tempted to buy more any time I have sales go through. In what scenario do you see him dropping in price. I always assume he will transfer and play more regular or move ahead of aguero. Both being good things. Would like to hear some points against buying some more. Thanks in advance

  • I assume he was bought to eventually take over from aguerro

  • Solid hold I recently doubled my shares in him, 6 pb wins and 7 MB 1st places at this point in his career when he's been second choice behind aguero is very impressive. Better returns as a sub than the likes of fellow young starting forwards mbappe and Werner who cost £5.7/£2.7 more.

  • I think he’s a bargain, great PB returns from being a bit part player, imagine what he could do when he’s first choice

  • A lot of Gabby going through the ticker tonight

  • @Gregolocky seems that every night now somebody's getting an avalanche of cash. EPL strikers seem to be the targets now

  • @MickTurbo ya I seen “ MM “ and “ pcp capital partners “ buying a few at different times in different numbers.
    Hopefully they keep buying 🤞🏻

  • Viewed him as a great long term hold for me...didn’t expect him to rise this quickly though, almost past 25% already

  • @NewUser291241 Jesus is a frustrating hold for me. I’ve held him on and off over a couple years. He’s for sure a wonderful talent. Still young. Still cheap. But unfortunately Aguero is stifling him. Aguero could be main man for next 2 years still. Can’t be bothered to wait that long and tie up cash when it could working harder for for me elsewhere. He’s gotta hope Aguero gets injured or he gets a transfer.

  • @MickTurbo seems like a tipping line is putting players up .. footballers being bought in loads for no reason ..

  • @Doddy said in Gabriel Jesus advice:

    @MickTurbo seems like a tipping line is putting players up .. footballers being bought in loads for no reason ..

    Football being/coming back might be a reason , maybe more money in index, less crap being bought , premium players always favoured by OBs plus a tad of pent up "spending". People putting bids in to get slight bargain and then when the ticker action starts, ppl start thinking fk i could struggle with bids here so it snowballs into 20-30p rises- EPL rises not even got going yet

  • Jesus won’t transfer away from Man City. Pep brought him in for the exact reason of developing him and having him be the number one striker.

    Would highly recommend watching the Man City documentary on Amazon Prime, you will see the faith and trust that Pep has in Jesus.

    On the restart of the Prem I would expect Jesus to be starting, Augero will take a little longer to get his match fitness back after having two months out.

    I hold and firmly believe he’ll be £5+ by the start of the 2020/21 season.

  • @Valhalla Aguero is outta contract summer 2021 I believe, so hopefully he’ll be phased out of the first team over the next year to allow Jesus to take over 🤞🏻

  • @NewUser291241 Did you buy anymore? Been rising steadily for the last two weeks but has gained traction today.

  • May see a rise over the coming days...Pep saying that Aguero has injured his knee and it sounds like, sounds like he might miss the remainder of the season

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