Marco Asensio - Unloved injury hold?

  • Please can i have some opinions on Asensio? I have him on a list of potential injury hold buys and think he sticks out as one who hasn't had the love of some others on his recovery.

    One particular point i'd like comments on is his likely PB potential. Due to his injury he has been out for longer than the current scoring matrix has been in place. As an aside, so has Sane and he has had a really nice rise.

    Asensio is down as a FWD and has been a starter for Spain. Cant help but feel he will shoot past £2 when he plays his first game back for Real.

    What am i missing?

  • I think he’s a great hold whos not getting much love since he had a poor season last season.

    If he can get back to his best he could sky rocket, his game is a PB dream.

    The Euros postponement is massive for him, he’ll more than likely be Spain’s main man in the front 3 (which admittedly isn’t what it used to be).

  • The shutdown could be ideal for Asensio as he would have probably missed the Euro's this year.
    Assuming the remainder of the season takes place in July/August he will probably get eased back in during this time and then be fully fit by the start of next season (Sep/Oct)

    Im holding in anticipation of him rising to around 2.30 - 2.50 by the time he gets back in the squad again

    currently he seems to be back to the final stages of his comeback and should be in contention for a place in the squad within weeks rather than months.

    with long term injured players there tends to be a long term slow growth after the initial drop and then a lull as people get bored of holding a player with no significant likelihood of movement. but when the player gets close to returning there is a resurgence as he becomes more focused on in the media and returns to the public conciseness, i suspect that will be the case here.

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