Out of contract players in June (covid19)

  • So far i have heard people comment that players contracts will be extended by a few months to cover the seasons finish. Surely the players have every right legally to reject these contracts?

    Lets say you are a midfielder, Joe Bloggs playing for Plymouth 15 goals or assists in League two in total. Youre likely to be in team of the season. Your salary is 100k a year and your agent is telling you Rotherham want to give you a 2 year deal quadrupling your wages. You would have to be crazy to sign up for a 3 month contract extension when you are a serious injury away from losing everything.

    I just dont see how lower leagues will continue.

  • @Millonarios Joe Bloggs would leave for Rotherham and good luck to him. Plymouth were going to lose him anyway though in fairness. I'd like to think there would be alot of goodwill there to prevent clubs taking advantage of this suituation.

  • Who is this Joe Bloggs and why isn’t he IPOd yet!?

  • Maybe if the Roterham deal goes through he will be IPOd but new rumours indicate they might be turning their attention to John Doe.

  • Did anyone see the tweet FI put out regarding FIFA’s guidelines on the expiring contracts? I dont know how to post a link but if i jave understood it correctly players and clubs will be able to extend any contracts until the current season is concluded and players wont be able to join or play for other clubs until the start of the next season depending on when that will be.

    Thats basically how I understood it and i take it to suggest any loan players like Ighalo are likely to play out the remainder of the season rather than to a specific date. Check it out for yourselves before making any trades incase ive read it wrong though

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