Can You Create Voting Polls On The Forum?

  • FI seem to love em on their preferred social media platform.
    I think they'd be a good addition here too.

  • nope, but if they revamp it i guess they will include them

  • Revamp definitely needed. I think their latest poll would ignite some healthy debate on here.

  • I rate all those players on FI. Own them all except Tonali.

  • They are good players in fairness but when you read up on Chloe Herefords write ups they are all well written but present a football case for why players are good players and never look at players really as to why they might be an FI investment. It's a theme with much of FIs media. It's mostly general chit chat about football. Maybe that's why the forum features so almost invisible amidst their social media platform. None of us seem to be on message talking about PB scores and whatnot.🙄

  • @Dalian-Smith yeh all their "tips" never feature the key components... Pb matrix and mb!

    As if they don't know how it works...

  • You could ask a question in the first post and then post the options in there own comment section, people could then vote by liking the comment that correlates to that answer. Roundabout way to do it but it would work and you can see who likes a comment so you can see how each forum members vote. Got a question on your mind?

  • More a gripe at FI engaging with Twitter users over the forum. Some questions I fancy asking though.

    What is everyone's preferred PB league? Interested to see who comes second to EPL.

    Another one would be what would be if they could pick one type of player which would they pick: Youth, PB, MB or other?

  • @Westy So true. One day they'll grasp this is a financial product on not a digital age Soccer Saturday.

  • @Dalian-Smith I think most people know dividends underpin value, but ignore sentiment at your peril. Fi certainly don't, and know how to take advantage of it.
    It would be a very dry twitter board, i imagine, if full of PB and Matrix debates. Most people aren't data driven. And those that are should be grateful for that.

  • @peacebeuponme I'd love to know where market sentiment was in regards investment. I think your investment level plays a significant factor into what players you invest in. Investing under a grand I don't feel chasing dividends is particularly enticing. You've got to be looking at capital appreciation potential for me. I think you'd need a multi questioned survey to try to nail down why people are investing in what they are investing.

    I love to know also how much social media platforms play in influencing people's decisions. I follow Twitter and some of the guys on there do appear to be at root of real life spikes. FI themselves did a tip of the day that always used to rocket said player in no time.

  • Id also love a poll to discover the mindset of a flavour of the month investment. No obvious intrinsic value yet the market is pumping money into it. Adil Aouichiche is a recent example but Rhian Brewster was an example from last year. Do they see these guys as big in PB? MB? I think alot of the time it's as these things snowball there becomes a significant amount of FOMO money coming in. There's a survey in this phenomenon somewhere.

  • @Dalian-Smith I think sentiment plays a massive role.
    I also think people do follow others.
    People have been preaching for eternity to do your own research, and a player's worth is determined by the dividends they generate, yet you only have to look at the squad list and see the prices for players who have never won a dividend and unlikely to ever generate enough to cover their cost, and price spikes after players are recommended in sub £x threads, or Mick Turbo posts, or after EJ buys etc to see people follow others and always will.
    FOMO is a serious player in the market.

  • I think one of the beauties of no football right now is everything is stripped back to a degree so some of the spikes you see are more easier to identify. More so in the squad list. The young trailblazers in the top 200 continue to baffle me.

  • I have added polls to the forum, you can add a new poll by clicking the graph icon below the post title for new post.

  • @FI_Mark is there any update you can provide on the media review that was started with the surveys?

    Also, are the expected projects like nasdaq platform, order books, expansions etc still going ahead with the timings that were provided at the start of the year or will there be delays to rollout of things due to the pandemic?

  • @FI_Mark Looks like you can only see the poll on your app, my desktop version doesn't show anything.

  • @FI_Mark Thanks, just seen it's sorted now.

  • I've got polls but it appears to have come at a cost.☹️ The cloud button has been replaced. Miss you cloud button. Not sure what the four arrows button does but give me my cloud button over that one any day of the week.

  • @Dalian-Smith said in Can You Create Voting Polls On The Forum?:

    I've got polls but it appears to have come at a cost.☹️ The cloud button has been replaced. Miss you cloud button. Not sure what the four arrows button does but give me my cloud button over that one any day of the week.

    Yeah which means we cang upload files now as that's what the cloud button did

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