• Big man's price is shooting up but can't see any transfer speculation that has caused this.
    I know he is out of contract so was scurrying about looking for some sort of announcement but nothing to be seen.

  • Oh he's gone down again 2p now lol

  • Lots in the papers about being 'in talks with premier league clubs'

  • Seeing that now but Buzz points not picking up much

  • Yeah his agent came out and said he was in talks with a few premiership teams and a few Serie a teams also. That's where the spikes been caused.

  • He is on the way back down now.
    I've 10 shares in him and no intention to sell anytime soon.
    If he does move to the EPL he will be in the papers all the time

  • I have been telling people get on him for ages, tipped him weeks ago, i got on at 95p, but apparently my shouts are lame, a few people said, i have a whole profile of lame times that are flying, would have put more shouts on here but after the shit storm it caused lastime i saved it for my chat group, still lot more value in super mario yet were miles from the business end of the season yet

  • @SMacFI

  • @SMacFI
    Is your chat group for tips on who to buy?

  • On everything, theres about 20 of us we all discuss dif ideas everyone has different knowledge to bring to the table, and will spot something you miss, 20 heads are better than one, work as a team, have new guys on there to, so help them get up to speed with how the index works too, as I just lie to help people out, and generally it works both ways someone will help you out win win. but I posted a few shouts on here before and it caused a shit storm, so I just stick to posting them in our chat group now

  • I could have done with something like that when I joined lol
    I started with a tenner plus the tenner bonus came a bit later.
    I foolishly bought 1 share in Vardy, 4 in Tierney, 2 in Tarkowski and 3 in Neuer.
    I now know that keepers are pointless and no point in just a couple of shares here and there
    Sold Vardy and made 4 p lol. The others are still with me.
    With my bonus money bought 2 Bales got a 4p buzz win and sold him for a further 14p profit.
    I've since deposited further funds and bought minimum 10 shares in other players

  • I was the same joined last summer, learned the hard way, bought into every transfer rumour going, but with experience you soon learn, also best way to learn is by mistakes, but if i can pass on my knowledge and help others making the same mistakes as me I will, shame as putting out shouts on players i got under valued, but i got loads of grief for promoting my own players, everyone has a brain on there shoulder, if someone give a shout on a player do your own research first, i always broke down the resin why i thought he was under valued. obviously am only going to give a shout out with a player i own, it be retarded to think that much of him and not own him myself, and if i was wise enough to find him first at a cheap rice, why not let others know about it, but it caused no end of negative messages here, thats why I would %100 recommend a FB chat group, 20 heads are better than one.

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