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  • Ramy bensebaini has a rise due to a twitter post which brought him to my attention(alpha chaser). 11 games this season 4 goals 1 assist. Is on penalties for borussia m’gladbach and has never missed a penalty. Is listed as a defender and is now back from injury. So, any gwgs and will be in for a shout for defender pb for 80p which isn’t bad at all. Is even a viable ipd player. Has played some games at lm this season so is versatile which is even better for pb. Thurman took the last one I believe and missed. 7.24 rating in bundesliga which is 3rd highest gladbach rating I believe. If u don’t like buying after rises then could be one to add to the watch list. Also he’s 24 so plenty more gas left in the tank. Any other cheap pb players for bundesliga add in comments plz. Discuss

  • @Jdog alpha chaser is a good shout thanks you

  • @NewUser244099 guerreiro is one who seems to have flown under the radar too with all these rises.

  • @Jdog
    Guerreiro is quality. I've held him since he was 95p and he had really good PB scores. He has since been reclassified as a midfielder and although his PB scores are still decent, that puts a lot of traders off. Not saying he can't/won't deliver as a midfielder but that may explain the lack of activity.

    One PB win and I'm sure that'll change though.

  • @Jdog hes not always on penalties, Lars stindl the club captain takes them if hes on the pitch

  • @Ddr it’s interesting you say that. As I don’t think there has been a situation where they were both on the pitch together at the same time this season and there was a penalty. The only game I can find where they were both started the match was the game where he scored 2 against Bayern and stindl had come off in the 77th minute and then bensebaini scored a penalty in the 92nd minute. So I don’t think you can say that with certainty. Whereas I can say whenever there has been a penalty and bensebaini was on he pitch he took it. Anyway 3 of his goals this season haven’t been penalties. I guess we should find out when the footie is back on and we can revisit this thread. Either way he is a goal scoring defender there can be no debate about that.

  • @Jdog europa league game against roma on 24th october, both on pitch and stindl took the penalty in the 95th minute having come on as a sub in the 77th.

    But you're right goal scoring defenders are always good

  • @Ddr you have found the only exception well done mate. Could be potentially as he was fresher but based on that we can assume he would take them if they were both on the pitch. However, neither start every game do they?

  • If your looking at bargain PB in the Bundesliga Charles Aranguiz at 45p is right up there. Still the potential to get in at what could be his low price.


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