HWAH Podcast Guest Announcement 🎙

  • This week I will be joined on the podcast by Stamford...

    An early adopter of football Index who has become increasingly frustrated and sceptical of FI in recent weeks/months.

    We’ll discuss the platform, and football index’s vision/potential going forward, including key issues within the platform.

    Any questions or topics much appreciated below 👇🏼

    Thanks lads!

  • As you've been with FI since the early days, do you think they'll finally change the ridiculous MB system? They carried out a recent survey about the issues. Do you have confidence they will act on the feedback?

  • Has being sceptical & frustrated with Football Index recently coincided with a drop in profits? 🤔

    Cheers 👍

  • What changes would you like to see to make FI a better product for everyone?

  • Loving your Content John, Please can you ask this question.

    If you had £1000, and £1000 only, you had to pick only 1 Player ( Jadon Sancho N/A) Who would it be and why?

  • Q: What has he found more fun; his past-life of self-righteously branding fellow traders 'rats', when they didn't necessarily conform to his and his early-adopter mates' advanced strategy of sitting on large piles of cheaply acquired premium holds and crowing about Dividends, whilst blowing smoke up Adam Cole's pert bottom - OR his current life of self-righteously hammering FI at every opportunity?


  • @IRISHFI If Stamford was to close his account and withdraw his cash where would he put it?...

  • @Keegans-Bluff haha like my potato skins... That question is fully loaded.

  • I asked one on twitter... But another question,

    I like him and agree with 99% of his gripes, but does he think if he worded his frustrations in a more reasonable manner and less confrontational... He would garner more support and thus have more impact on the community and in turn more power to actually force FIs hand? Does he just like being a cock?

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