Double dividends review and analysis

  • My latest article for football analysis “No football? No problem!” breaks down the media winners during the double dividend period and what to expect from 5 place dividends

    A few stat nuggets:

    • Sancho rose 25% in price and won 29% of the maximum dividends he could of in that period 🤑
    • Coutinho, Willian and Neymar were unlucky? 😫If you’re looking at Pence won per 100 points then yes!
    • Only 276 media points needed on average to get a top 5 place 🐝

    Plenty more data and analysis in the article here 👇🏼👇🏼

  • Who does everyone think will do the best from media in April after reading the above?

    I expect Neymar and coutinho to do much better this month.

    Bruno and Kane to drop off but still place a few times.

    Sancho to continue doing the business, Pogba to sporadically win here and there (not sure if it’ll be enough to maintain price atm)

    Few rogue ones for a bit of media - VVD, Willian, PEA,

  • Kanes had a good little run which ended a few days ago. Hopefully he'll go again. I think most of the usual suspects will be taking it in turns to have little runs. Dont hold Ronny so not too sure but seem to remember he had a real decent period before Kanes little run. Thought yesterday may have signalled the start of some real Neymar dominance but maybe not yet.

    Dunno whether or not Pogba is gonna come to the fore again? Maybe not to the degree we have seen in the past? Would like to hear peoples thoughts here because I'm just mulling over jumping back on.

    It seems that the transfer spec players, other than the real big hitters, haven't started to shine yet, I'm thinking along the lines of Coutinho, Griezmann, Bellingham. Might be another week or 2 yet but I think these types will start taking their share of dividends.

    Sancho really needs to place every day virtually in order to justify that price, with a lot of top spots.

  • @MickTurbo Until football is confirmed again and the potential ramifications on the transfer window is understood, then we only have idle transfer gossip with little hope of confirmation and rehashing of player interviews.

    I think Pogba will rise again just because he will be playing on resumption of the season and the will he/ won't he bandwagon can commence once more but I can't see what will make him increase again until that point.

  • @MickTurbo what do you think of sancho current price? Makes certain players price attractive right

  • @Collymore10 yeh defo mate. Fairs fair, hes doing well on the divs front, but as the weeks roll on I suspect there'll be maybe a handful of players at or near his yield. Whilst most will not have youth on their side to the same degree as him (1 or 2 may), I certainly think that whilst he may continue to rise maybe even beyond £13 the way things are going, the old guard (pog/ney) could certainly start bridging that gap if they put a consistent run of media together. Also I, like many, am expecting Kane to be right up there in terms of yields whilst the footy us off. He did well towards the end of the double divs which I benefitted from but has had a quiet couple of days now. He is the other one who may start leaving the rest behind along with the other 2 if and when the press start regurgitating rumours. Hoping they jump on him as he seems to have become a bit of a 'stay at home' ambassador

  • @MickTurbo interesting times mate

  • @NewUser5842 That is a low entry point range so is great for all players

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