Quick Selling

  • To most people tend to do this as long as a profit is made? Or do people prefer to join the Queue?

  • Join the queue. Instant sell is a last resort generally

  • use instant sell if people are unlikely to buy and you need to get rid quick. e.g broken leg press that button like no tomorrow

    use sell queue for everything else and wait minutes to days to take the better price

  • Does depend on the spread as well. Sometimes the difference isn't that much on the cheaper players but generally market is far better.

  • Thanks everyone

  • i've never used sell to market with any effect as it usually takes too long (if you get the sale at all) so I always use instant sell for an immediate transaction basically to close the stock at the price I want... Basically I set my prices to incorporate the figure I need... so that on the level of profit i need i will sell... I'm not saying i'm right as selling at the highest price is obviously the most rewarding (initially) but selling at the spike can often be an emotional sell and getting 10p more for a player might not be worth it especially if he ropes in a couple of dividends the weeks after.

    If you have a value of a player and think he's over priced then sell, if you think his price can grow then keep. As long as you are at a profit you are happy with I wouldn't worry for the sake of losing 10p when values rise and fall by these amounts all the time.

  • Go through your transaction history and addd up the commission on Instant sell, you will be shocked

  • So if you think he can grow why not join sell que he will be gone in minutes if theres demand

  • @SMacFI said in Quick Selling:

    Go through your transaction history and addd up the commission on Instant sell, you will be shocked

    My strategy will probably be very different to yours and it's not really based on buy/flip but rather in keeping on to long term holds but sometimes on a failing player or a future that I see no long term worth i'm happy to get instant cash in to replace them to use on someone else, if that's at a profit or loss so be it, the bigger picture is in my long term portfolio growth and not really about instant returns at the best price possible... so whilst yes, I agree I lose out on some commission by selling instantly but if i'm selling a player that nobody is buying then i'm waiting for days whilst I can put that into somebody that is undervalued and you can make it back more quickly (particularly on a match night) through dividends or potential growth in val.

    Maybe if i'm selling Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar etc it might interest me more, or a mid price player that i'm not really bothered about... But as I'm in no rush to sell my best assets its not really been a tool of relevance... Which i suppose is my point!!!

    Maybe when the day comes to sell up my portfolio i'll try it on a few.... But by then I'm hoping i've at least doubled my outgoing in profit returns so either way, it shouldn't matter that much?

  • Yeah i understand if your selling someone not in demand it ca be frustrating waiting, as long as your not jumping from one player to the next chasing, thats where i made amy biggest loses in the early days

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