The Adil Aouichiche Investors Poll

  • Hi Adil Aouichiche fans. Simple question. Why did you choose to invest in Adil Aouichiche? Not a dig. Youth Players like Adil come along all the time with no obvious reason to their rise. I hope this can illuminate the reasons behind it.

  • @Dalian-Smith ah you have found vote function... That's new! Any way you can allow multiple answers? I'm expecting cap ap due to his long term ability to gain pb/mb

  • He ticks boxes 3 4 and 5 IMO

  • cap app in the next year and beyond, potential transfer etc, could be decent for pb but too early to tell

  • After watching some clips he looks a quality player. And assist and goal stats in the recent tournaments offer good long term PB potential. Contract running out but if PSG dont offer him game time could well end up linked to the Prem at the likes of Arsenal or Chelsea IMO

  • Is this guy going to your new version of Greenwood lol

  • @Vespasian32 you can change the maximum number of votes per user so I'm assuming that would allow 1 person to vote for several different options rather than casting 3 votes all the same

  • Sold him today for decent profit as price is quite volatile up and down

  • Always seems to be a market for youth from my short time here they seem to go out of favour if there not getting game time in the first half of the season but then there back in fashion. Just a little thought with some clubs struggling financially due to this pandemic I can see a lot of clubs promoting from within or selling to bring money in and adil seems to tick a fair few boxes so should be a good hold short or long term

  • @Vespasian32 I only allowed 1 vote per user unfortunately. I knew I hadn't covered all bases. Doh.

  • Before I set this out I expected it to be a Cap App within 12 months to be a clear winner but we'll see. Intrigued about those taking a long term view.

  • @Dalian-Smith said in The Adil Aouichiche Investors Poll:

    Before I set this out I expected it to be a Cap App within 12 months to be a clear winner but we'll see. Intrigued about those taking a long term view.

    Well it has got almost half the votes so far and double the amount of the nearest

  • @Ddr There's been 7 votes for those taking a long term view at present. I just can't see that a long term angle. The volatility would be too much for me. Can't see him making masses of first team games at this stage but I guess if you are prepared to hold through the dips he could be a good un.

  • @Dalian-Smith I'd suspect that there are people who would be happy to hold him past the 12 months but if they were to find they've hit their target sell price before then would end up selling and moving on

  • You missed the “FI ballsed up his IPO so he was under £1.40 for way longer than he should’ve been” option. 😜

  • @Ddr Ye i get that perspective. Things change and you have to react. The polls more on your thoughts now at present as things stand. I think there are traders out there who will intend to sit on a player for over a year from the outset.

  • @Dalian-Smith I intend to hold most of my players for over a year. I’ll always have at least one player in the queue though just to try have a cash balance at all times.
    Currently have 83 players

  • @Gregolocky Sounds fair enough to me. I hear alot of short termism on here. I'm just as guilty. Good to have a different perspective. I've never held onto anyone for more than a year but with a little discipline you never know. There are definitely a few young players out there I fancy in a year or 2 to make a step up to a big club. If I buy them now I could be laughing further down the line.

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